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Artificial insemination (AI)

How to register a litter produced by Artificial Insemination (AI).

Artificial Insemination FAQs

A list of FAQs about Artificial Insemination

Form 2 - Application for the registration of puppies produced by artificial insemination

This form should be used if your litter was produced by AI (Artificial Insemination). It should be completed and sent in together with your litter application form.

Experienced breeder?

As an experienced dog breeder you will already have your own, well considered reasons for choosing to breed dogs. You will have your own priorities and will understand the importance of making good breeding decisions to affect a positive outcome for your puppies.

Breeding from your dog

Free resources, online services, advice and information for novice and experienced puppy breeders in the UK.

Novice breeder checklist

Questions you need to ask yourself if you are contemplating dog breeding.

Dogs at Halloween

Chocolate and sweets may be found in abundance around your home at this time of year, and they can make our canine companions very unwell.

Dr Elaine Ostrander - Lifetime Achievement Award winner 2013

Gifted and visionary American scientist Dr Elaine Ostrander has been chosen as the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award for her groundbreaking work in the field of canine genomics. Read more.

General poisons

The following items are poisons that can be found anywhere around your home: batteries, cigarettes, potpourri, silica gel sachets, etc...

Afghan Hound claims first Show Certificate of Excellence award

An Afghan Hound, Am Ch Suni Asia Wish Upon A Star by Sumahari ShCM ShCEx, belonging to Sue Virgo of Selby, North Yorkshire is the first dog to claim the new Show Certificate of Excellence (ShCEx) title.

Crufts 2017 Agility Judges' Interview

The Kennel Club interviews agility judges Bill Glover, Alan Bray and Nick Robson.

New to Field Trials & Gundog Working Tests?

This section contains information for those new to Field Trials & Working Gundog Tests, including how to get started and how to take part in Field Trials & Working Gundog Tests

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