International Canine Health Awards

The International Canine Health Awards have returned for the eighth year to celebrate some of the world’s finest researchers and scientists whose work has had a positive impact on the health and well-being of dogs.

The 2020 awards are administrated by the Kennel Club Charitable Trust and include substantial cash prizes donated by Vernon and Shirley Hill of Metro Bank to go towards new or continued research.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation there has been no award ceremony for 2020, however the winners of this years awards can be found in the previous winners section and prizes have been distributed by post.  We hope to invite all 2020 winners to the 2021 Award Ceremony.



Previous Winners
The International Canine Health Awards have seen some incredible winners over the years. Find out more about some of our past winners and the outstanding work and research they have carried out to improve canine health.
Our Sponsor
The International Canine Health Awards are underwritten by a major gift from Vernon and Shirley Hill, Founders of Metro Bank and administrated by the Kennel Club. Find out more about Metro Bank and how they support the awards.
The Kennel Club Charitable Trust
The KCCT funds a wide variety of work ranging from research into canine diseases, dog welfare organisations and the promotion of support dogs, all of which give dogs a healthier, happier life. Click here to find out more
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The four categories for the International Canine Health Awards are:

  • International Prize in Canine Health for outstanding contribution in the field of canine health and welfare with a prize fund of £40,000 for future projects. The award will be presented to someone who is currently involved in world class innovation but with much still to contribute.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award with a £10,000 prize fund - a veterinarian or scientist working in a related discipline who has dedicated much of their career to advancing the health of dogs. The award will be presented to someone who has made a significant impact on the world stage of canine health.
  • Student Inspiration Awards which will be split into undergraduate and postgraduate, with a prize fund of £10,000 for the post-graduate and £5,000 for the under-graduate winner. This prize will aid further education costs, the development of their careers, or to create or continue a project. The awards will be presented to extraordinary students studying at a British veterinary school, who demonstrate the potential significantly to advance the frontiers of veterinary medicine and research in the field of dogs.
  • Breed Health Coordinator Award - with a £1,000 prize fund, judges will be looking for individuals from breed clubs or councils who have demonstrated a dedication to supporting health and welfare within their breed over the previous year. Some of the aspects that will be considered include the starting or coordinating of a new project or resource for the breed, such as a health website or health survey, and good communication with the Kennel Club.


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