What is KCAI?

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The KCAI 'gold badge' is the mark of quality in dog training, canine behaviour and other canine related services.

The KCAI Scheme offers its members the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised and externally verified teaching qualification.

Accredited members must be able to show a wealth of practical experience training, handling and living with dogs, as well as demonstrate teaching skills and academic knowledge, along with a dedication to their profession. They must abide by the Scheme Code of Conduct and demonstrate that their knowledge and experience satisfies the high criteria set by the Scheme. 

If you are a dog owner looking for advice there is finally a way for you to be able to select a trainer or behaviour specialist who can give you the specific help you need - whether you have a companion dog or a working or competition dog - and you can be assured of our members' commitment to provide you with a good service and high standards. 

Find the KCAI experts in your area by downloading our list of Accredited Instructors. 

"Kennel Club Instructors are Great Teachers!"

The Aims:

  1. to have a united membership body, that is committed to help others appreciate dogs in society.
  2. to educate its members and, through them, the dog-owning public.
  3. to set the standard of instructing and services for dog-owners.

The Objectives:

  1. to promote responsible dog ownership
  2. provide educational guidance for members
  3. to offer a personal and credible qualification
  4. to maintain a national register of qualified Instructors
  5. encourage continuing professional development and high standards of instructing
  6. help unite all aspects of training and behaviour
  7. provide a communication network for Instructors

NB. For the purposes of this scheme the term 'Instructor' shall apply to all those who instruct, teach, advise or counsel in any area of dog training and canine behaviour, or intend to in the future.

Public Confidence:

All Members are:

  • bound by the Kennel Club Code of Practice for Instructors
  • actively promoting dogs and responsible ownership
  • committed to work in the best interests of canine welfare.

Members are acknowledged for their:

  • practical instructing experience
  • knowledge and range of training skills
  • knowledge of care, welfare and safety
  • understanding of dog / human psychology and behaviour
  • expertise within individual canine activities.
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KCAI Code of Practice for Instructors (PDF)

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