Russell Becque from Portsmouth

Russell Becque

When and how did you get into Dog Training?

I fell into dog training by accident really. I took my very first dog along to Portsmouth and District D.T.C. run by Norman and Nancy Robbins in 1972. I was at the tender age of 13 years. She was a complete mix of small dogs, I loved training her and seeing the bond it gave us and how she loved it, we progressed through to the Advanced Class. I started on the road to becoming a Dog Training Instructor in the early 1980's. Also started competing in Competition Obedience, Judging and learning about Canine Behaviour in the early 1980's.

What do you like the most about dog training?

Wow! What a question, I love so much about it. I adore the bond dog training, especially modern methods continually evolving, give to both dog and handler. The thought, planning and diversity you need to achieve your goals and those of your pupils/clients. My whole life revolves around dog training in one form or another and I adore my job, however the greatest buzz has to be seeing the change in an owner and dog from stressed and frustrated misunderstanding of each other into a calm and adoring partnership with great communication.

How long have you been part of the KCAI scheme?

I achieved KCAI Accreditation in 2014, having first joined the scheme in 2001. I worked very hard, qualified in Companion Dog Training, Competitive Obedience and Behavioural Training all at Advanced Level.

Why are you a member of the KCAI scheme?

I believe it to be a very creditable qualification fully endorsed by City and Guilds NPTC. It cannot be bluffed, your knowledge and experience has to be backed up and proven, your hands on skills shown and displayed. I believe the KCAI qualification to be the future definitive benchmark for anyone wishing to be acknowledged within any Canine Behaviour and Training fields. I am extremely proud to be a member of The KCAI scheme.

What would you say your biggest achievements in your career have been so far?

I have many achievement highs, just a few being:

  • A qualified Championship Class C Obedience Judge since 2008;
  • Judging KCGCDS Semi Final at Discover Dogs 2010;
  • Judging YKC Obedience Finals at Crufts 2013;
  • Booked to Judge KCGCDS Sp. Pre Beginner Finals at Crufts 2016;
  • Qualified 3 dogs for Championship Class C Obedience;
  • Being a Trainer on Tv's The Underdog Show;
  • Being the Founder and CEO of The Academy of Modern Canine Behaviour & Training;
  • KCAI Qualification at Advanced Level in CdA, ObA & BehA.

But I class my biggest achievements to be all the dogs and owners which are living and have lived long and happy lives together with my help and input when previously things were looking bleak for them. To help turn around a dog and owners relationship and quality of life is the biggest thrill of all!

Is there any work that you do with or for dogs, in addition to dog training instructing?

I have been working as a professional Canine Behaviour Consultant for over 15 years professionally as a full time living but have over 35 years experience in dealing with and over-coming behaviour problems. A lot of my passion and sympathies lie with rescue dogs who have developed varying behaviour issues, often through no fault of their own, I donate to and work with rescue dogs to try and improve their chances of a much deserved improved life. I also hold regular courses and seminars in Canine Behaviour Modification and have been an

'Expert Witness in Canine Behaviour' in four Court Cases, one of which was very high profile. Over the years I have taken in, rehabilitated and re-homed four dogs with behaviour issues.

Do you own a dog yourself and if so what is its name/breed?

My wife and I own six dogs between us aged between 11 months and 15 years of age of which three are rescues, they are all equally loved and all have their own characters and traits. Three years ago however I took in as a foster for Southern GSD Rescue 'Tazzz', a 10 month old GSD x Siberian Husky, an extremely headstrong and very naughty, highly energised dog, mentally and physically a very powerful dog!

His rehabilitation wasn't going to be overnight, I fell in love with this dog and after three months adopted him myself. He needed to belong somewhere and have value, I gave him both. Now three years later, he is a great dog to own, happy and energised but his energies are channelled and to boot he has just won out of Novice in Competitive Obedience, he has more potential than any dog I have ever trained, if I can only keep him fully focused for whole rounds! He also works with me as a stooge dog with dog aggressive behaviour dogs and boy, he is invaluable at it!

Comments made by individuals that nominated Russell

  • 'Russell is a positive upbeat trainer, never gives up. He works closely with some very mixed up disturbed dogs and never has a bad word to say about them.  He has helped on many a time to rehabilitate dogs from my stray dog kennels who perhaps would not be here now of it was not for him even gone to court with me to prove that a dog was not a dangerous dog out of control and won the dog the ultimate prize - his life.  He has time to listen to old and young and believes in the fact that all dogs can achieve a standard of training be it pet basics to top CH obedience levels he doesn't judge you as a handler but gently guides you along a pathway to a healthy happy rewarding relationship with your dog.' 
  • 'Oscar is a 6 month old very strong minded and excitable boxer cross bullmastiff, I didn't think he could be trained but Russel has proven me wrong, Russel is wonderful with my dog and every dog at training, He just knows his stuff, and has a great knowledge of all dogs, I have recommended him to my friends because I feel he is so good.'
  • 'I had little confidence in handling my dog after a confrontation with another dog owner - I felt I was at fault and my dog was in the wrong. Russell helped me realise that this was not the case, praising me for the things I was already doing right and showing me how to improve things in other areas.  I had my first walk since my session with Russell and it was like a weight had been lifted - I felt happier and my dog responded to me more readily.  Russell put me at ease, did not overload me with info and his advice was clear and concise.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else.'
  • 'Russell has not only helped my dog become more confident he has also helped me become more confident both as a trainer and a handler. I like his modern positive training methods and how he makes both me and my dog feel at ease. I know if need be I can call on him for advice and he is always willing to help in or out the class environment.'
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