Synopsis of Sessions


Professor Dick White - BVetMed PhD DSAS DVR FRCVS

How respiratory function and dysfunction affects performance in our dogs (lecture):

Professor Dick White, the founder and principal of specialist centre Dick White Referrals and regarded as one of Europe's leading small animal soft tissue and cancer surgeons, takes a session on how respiratory function and dysfunction affects performance in our dogs.

Trevor Cooper

New developments in the law on dogs (lecture):

Trevor Cooper, an expert within the area of DogLaw takes an informative session on crucial new developments within the law, providing vital information for anybody involved with dogs, in any capacity.

Dr Jacqueline Boyd - BSc (Hons) MSc PhD PGCHE FHEA MSB

Don't be dogmatic: managing canine welfare scientifically (lecture and practical):

This session combines theoretical learning with a practical element. It will cover the essentials of objectivity, identifying fact from fiction with an emphasis on nutrition and performance output. There will be an opportunity to test and assess your knowledge and approach.

Sarah Fisher

Getting in TTouch with dogs (lecture):

Sarah will take you through a fun and informative introduction to Tellington TTouch looking at the link between posture and behaviour. The session will also cover simple TTouch bodyworks and ground work exercises to improve balance, co-ordination and self-control.

Stephanie Ellis - PGDip BSc(Hons) RVN MNAVP

Fitness training and conditioning for dogs (lecture and practical):

Steph's sessions will be combining lecture and practical elements based around anatomy relevant to physiotherapy and the general use of it. As well as this, she will demonstrate exercises that can be used to help prevent injuries with specific reference to particular sports and pet dogs.

Claire North - BIPDT 1st grade Hons and Hannah Michael - BSc (Hons) MSc ACPAT:

Canine Lifestyle Rehabilitation (lecture):

Claire and Hannah's session aims to equip dog trainers with knowledge to work alongside vets and veterinary physiotherapists to help dogs better cope with and maximise the benefits of their rehabilitation treatments.

Toni Shelbourne

The truth about wolves and dogs (lecture):

This lecture session will help you to understand where old style training methods came from and understand how a wolf pack operates as well as identify where dog training needs improving to become truly 'dog-centred' dog learning.

Angela White - KCAI Fellow (BehA CDA ObA)

1. Introduction to Clicker Training (practical):

A practical session on the method of clicker training which is based on behavioural psychology that relies on marking desirable behaviour and rewarding it. There will be the opportunity for handlers to practise these.

2. What to expect at a KCAI accreditation assessment (lecture):

Angela will be fully explaining the KCAI accreditation assessment process to her audience. A useful session, not just for those who have applied for assessment but also those planning to in the future.

Jane Hanshaw - Dip CABT KCAI (CDA BehA)

1. Gundog training for pet dogs (practical):

In this practical session Jane will discuss some of the traditional gundog training exercises and show how they can be adapted for use in a Companion dog class. There will be the opportunity for handlers to practise these.

2. Frustration leading to anger (lecture):

This theoretical session looks at the interesting but sometimes difficult subject of Frustration and how it can have a negative impact on the lives of the companion dogs in your classes. Lively discussion will be encouraged!

Gina Pink - KCAI (CDA HTMA Ob)

Freestyle heelwork to music for Beginners (practical):

Gina will teach her class basic freestyle moves and how to put them to music in this fun, practical session for beginners.


Introduction to the Kennel Club Academy e-learning (lecture):

The KCAI team present an introduction to the new online educational service and how the exciting new initiative will support KCAI members working towards accreditation with their learning and development.

The Kennel Club Media Team:

Using traditional and social media channels to promote your business (lecture):

The Kennel Club's Media Team will introduce you to the correct utilisation of both traditional and social media channels in order to promote your business effectively.


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