• A welcome from the Chairman

A welcome from the Chairman


Following a thorough investigation into dog training and behavioural services in the UK, the Kennel Club launched the KCAI scheme as a pilot in March 2001. The aim was to work with a large number of pro-active people, from a variety of backgrounds, to help with its development. The Kennel Club wished to ensure that the Scheme would meet the needs of the dog owning public, and also benefit the membership and offer a worthwhile accreditation.

Dog owners and dog training enthusiasts will also benefit by having the reassurance of a national standard to ensure that they are provided with the best quality advice and service. This is awarded upon gaining the Kennel Club Accreditation.

The KCAI scheme is primarily a membership scheme, aiming to unite all those who work teaching others in any aspect of dog training and canine behaviour. It is designed also to promote further education; it is not a course, but it does set a syllabus for members to work through and compile a supporting portfolio.

The Scheme works by the allocation of points to reflect current levels of knowledge and experience, allowing members to self-assess and produce a professional profile. For more experienced members, Accreditation is available through written, oral and practical assessment, provided that all of the criteria set by the scheme are satisfied. All members are also required to show continuing professional development (CPD), updating information with their annual renewal.

Upon registering you will receive a full Educational Guidance Pack which will be the basis of your portfolio. You are also required to complete an Assessment of Prior Learning form, which is a way of determining your membership status and also a way of 'getting to grips' with the points scoring system. Along with reference notes for guidance these will get you through the first stage. You will also receive a Code of Practice poster, membership card and a list of our mentors who can offer help and advice along the way.

Please fill in the registration form carefully and clearly and return it with a cheque for the appropriate fee. Please note that in registering, you commit to the scheme and all that it entails, therefore you will need to read and understand the requirements of the Scheme's Code of Practice for Instructors before signing.

Thank you for your interest in the scheme. We would be delighted if you would join and work with us in raising standards, making a difference for dogs.

Paul Rawlings
Chairman of the Accreditation Board

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