Training Seminars

Kennel Club Accredited Trainers

Training Seminars

Accredited Trainers

The judges training programme seminars are conducted by Kennel Club Accredited Trainers who are experienced judges in their own right and have been assessed on their ability to deliver a lecture on their given subject. 

Below is a list of upcoming seminars that are presented by Accredited Trainers. If you would like more information about training seminars, please email:

To view the list of Accredited Trainers, please click here.

The Accredited Trainers are not to be confused with Kennel Club Accredited Instructors who are dog training instructors who have achieved a City & Guilds qualification that recognises their knowledge and experience. The trainers listed below have been accredited by the Kennel Club to provide training on:

  • Canine (Show) Conformation & Movement
  • Points of the Dog Assessment
  • Requirements of a Dog Show Judge 
  • (Show) Ring Stewards
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