Requirements of a Breed Show Judge

Requirements of a Breed Show Judge

Breed Show Judges Training

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First time Challenge Certificate Judges

The Kennel Club requires the following mandatory requirements to have been achieved prior to a person being nominated to award with Challenge Certificates for the very first time.  These aspiring judges are required to:

  • Attend a Seminar on the Requirements of a Dog Show Judge focusing on Kennel Club Regulations and Judging Procedures and pass an exam delivered by an approved Kennel Club Accredited Trainer for Regulations and Judging Procedures.  The syllabus is based on Kennel Club Code of Best Practice for Judges (including Guide for Judges & Ring Stewards) which is available for download.
  • Attend and pass the Points of a Dog assessment conducted by specially trained Conformation and Movement Accredited Trainer.  A list of Accredited Trainers is available to download.
  • Attend a seminar on Conformation and Movement  delivered by an approved Kennel Club Accredited Trainer for Conformation and Movement. 
  • To have stewarded 12 days at shows

You can find a current list of seminars in the list of all training seminars.

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