Breed Show Judges training

Breed Show Judges Training

Kennel Club Training Board

The Kennel Club Training Board oversees the Judges Training Programme with the following remit from the Kennel Club Board:

  • Members of the Training Board will include a representative from each of the Working Parties established to oversee the provision of education and training for specific canine activities.
  • To encourage and maintain high standards in the provision of education and training for those involved in specific canine activities.
  • To encourage and maintain high standards of judging with particular reference to soundness, health and well-being of the dog and the specific requirements of Kennel Club recognised canine activities.
  • To encourage and maintain high standards of stewarding, event organisation and club management.
  • To receive reports from those Education & Training Working Parties set up for the purposes of providing education and training for those involved in specific canine activities.
  • To report periodically to the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee and make recommendations to other Kennel Club Sub-Committees as appropriate.
  • The Board will meet at least three times per annum.

What the Training Board has developed for you

The Kennel Club offers a great deal of advice, education and training for breed show judges which can be accessed under 'more information' in the right-hand column - please choose the level of experience that applies to you.
The Training Board has also just introduced the Kennel Club Academy.

The Kennel Club Academy

This new online learning resources delivers presentations including many of the mandatory elements required in the Kennel Club's established judges training programme. These are all essential pre-learning before attending the official seminars delivered by Accredited Trainers and offer established judges the opportunity to keep up to date on regulations and judging procedures:

  • Points of the Dog Assessment including an opportunity to test your knowledge
  • Conformation and Movement
  • Requirements of a Dog Show Judge including a mock exam
  • Ring Stewarding including a mock exam
  • Completing the Breed Health Monitoring form
  • As importantly, also featured on the Academy is a variety of breed specific films from breed experts giving their personal observations of the breed (Beagle, Dachshund, Boxer, Scottish Terrier and Chow Chow). 

More films will be added to the Academy during the course of this year and in years to come.

The Academy costs just £26 for one year's access to all of the Judges Education resources, including new resources that we continue to add over the next 12 months.

To find out more or to sign up for one year's access, click here.

Recently launched learning resource: Conformation and Movement

We have launched a new Conformation and Movement resource on the Kennel Club Academy. The resource acts as pre-learning and aims to complement and support the delivery of the seminars by Accredited Trainers and to enhance judges' educational experience. The Conformation and Movement Series is divided into seven easy-to-follow chapters. Users of the resource will be able to access it at their own time and convenience, as many times as they wish.

No matter what level of experience you have, the following advice should be considered; 

Code of Best Practice for Judges

The Code of Best Practice for Judges Judges (including the Guide to Judges and Ring Stewards for Breed Judges & Code of Best Practice for the selection of Judges) is available for download in the column on the right-hand side, covering the Kennel Club's expected standard for judges regarding integrity, impartiality, age, health issues as well as standards of canine health and welfare.

Judges Record Book

Whether you are an experienced judge or just starting out, it is important to keep a record of your judging appointments, so that if one day you are invited to award Challenge Certificates in a breed or a new breed, you will be able to complete the judge's questionnaire form and provide evidence that you have the required experience. An official Judge's Record Book can be purchased from our Online Shop.

N.B. It is also important to keep any certificates issued for attendance at seminars and for passing examinations/assessments.

Version suitable for printing
Code of Best Practice For Judges (including Guide for Judges and Ring Stewards & Code of Best Practice for the selection of Judges)
Advisory criteria for Breed Club Judges lists 2015
JD24 Advisory Criteria 2015

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