Mate Select

Breeding Considerations


Mate Select can't help you select breeding dogs that have the best chance of producing puppies with good temperaments with the correct breed type and characteristics, if that is important to you. The temperament of the potential parents will be a good guide to predicting the temperament of any potential puppies. If a dog shows any suspect temperament, then it really should not be bred from.

Breed Type & Characteristics

Many breeders will wish to participate in some kind of activity with their new puppies, e.g. Field Trials or Showing. Predicting how the puppies will turn out with regards to desired qualities will be important for these breeders. There is no substitute for experience when breeding puppies of the correct type and characteristics. If you do not have such experience it is wise to contact, or even join, an appropriate breed club that can help you.

Health Screening

Inherited disease is an area that dog breeders must take into account when selecting two dogs to mate together. Over the years a number of health screening schemes, initially based on clinical screening of individual dogs but more recently on a growing number of DNA tests for the mutations known to cause inherited diseases in the dog, have been developed and it is important for breeders to use the available breed specific health programmes on their breeding stock. The results of these screens gives the breeder a better understanding of the genes that a dog carries and therefore the genes that it is likely to pass to its progeny if it were to be bred from.

Genetic Diversity

Recent research demonstrates that for many breeds of dog genetic diversity is being lost generation after generation and in future dog breeders will need to start to manage these losses in genetic diversity in order to minimise the potentially serious risks that are associated with increasing loss of genetic diversity.

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