Screening Scheme Description


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The BVA/KC chiari malformation/syringomyelia (CM/SM) Scheme

Launched January 2012. MRI scans, scanned under BVA procedures, are reviewed by a panel of BVA appointed neurologists and radiologists, and graded by two scrutinisers. Grading is assigned according to the severity of the CM and SM changes. As CM/SM is a progressive condition, scans throughout the dog’s lifetime is recommended, generally at years 1, 3-5, and over 5. The mode of inheritance is not fully understood, so recommendations to breeders is to remove dogs with early onset CM/SM from their breeding program, and re-test throughout breeding life to reduce the risk of producing affected dogs. However, as the condition is complex and progressive, it may be possible to produce clinically affected pups from parents that appear clear or mildly affected. Procedure Notes and submission details are available from the BVA Canine Health Schemes (CHS) office. For more information:

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