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Finding Spaniel (Cocker) puppies in West Midlands
NameDate Visit ApprovedTown/RegionDate Of Birth
Kennel Club Assured Breeder markerMrs G L Allen18/02/2015Bridgnorth, Shropshire15/01/2015
Kennel Club Assured Breeder markerMiss P A Whitehead04/08/2014Worcester, Worcestershire07/01/2015
Kennel Club Assured Breeder markerMrs G L Allen18/02/2015Bridgnorth, Shropshire09/02/2015
Kennel Club Assured Breeder markerMr J & Mrs J E Hodges19/08/2014Oswestry, Shropshire11/01/2015
Kennel Club Assured Breeder markerMr R A Cooke23/06/2014Bridgnorth, Shropshire05/03/2015
Kennel Club Assured Breeder markerMr R A Cooke23/06/2014Bridgnorth, Shropshire07/03/2015
Mr R Woodhall-Bilston, West Midlands06/01/2015
Miss C A Morris-Lichfield, Staffordshire02/01/2015
Mrs N Ozolins-Evesham, Worcestershire08/01/2015
Mrs D Shaw-Cannock, Staffordshire07/03/2015
Mrs K Parry-Ludlow, Shropshire10/03/2015
Mr R E Aucott-Coventry, West Midlands24/02/2015
Mrs C E Kinnish-Bridgnorth, Shropshire06/03/2015
Mrs C E Kinnish-Bridgnorth, Shropshire10/03/2015
Mr A Groves-Bridgnorth, Shropshire17/02/2015
Mr J A & Mrs J D Pickford-Lichfield, Staffordshire05/02/2015

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