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Kennel Club Accredited Instructor marker - club with a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor (an instructor who has been rigorously assessed against a robust standard set by the Kennel Club).

Kennel Club Accredited Instructor working towards accreditation marker - club with a member of the KCAI Scheme working towards accreditation (a KCAI Scheme member who is working towards becoming a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor).

All KCAI Scheme members are required to abide by the scheme’s Code of Practice, which sets out the principles governing professional conduct and training practices.

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Allsorts Dog TrainingCheshire
British Association For GSDS - South Cheshire IPOCheshire
Canine Companions MacclesfieldCheshire
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor markerChadkirk Dog Training ClubCheshire
Cheshire & North Wales Yorkshire Terrier SocietyCheshire
Cheshire Agricultural SocietyCheshire
Cheshire Canine ServicesCheshire
Cheshire Cocker Spaniel ClubCheshire
Cheshire Dog Training AssociationCheshire
Cheshire, North Wales & Shropshire Retriever & Spaniel SocCheshire
Congleton Canine SocietyCheshire
Crewe & District Canine AssociationCheshire
Crewe & North Staffs German Shepherd Dog ClubCheshire
Damian Riley Dog TrainingCheshire
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor markerDanesford Obedience Dog Training ClubCheshire
Dig It Dog Training ClubCheshire
Dog Days Agility Cheshire
Dogs Country Club Training SchoolCheshire
Early Paws Training AcademyCheshire
Goldmark Dog TrainingCheshire
GSD League of GB Ltd - South Cheshire Working Dog BranchCheshire
GSD League of GB Ltd - Vale Royal Working Dog BranchCheshire
High Peak Dog Training SocietyCheshire
Hyde & District Canine AssociationCheshire
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor markerJJ TrainingCheshire
Just For PawsCheshire
K9 CompanionsCheshire
K9 Leaders Pet Dog TrainingCheshire
Latchford Ringcraft ClubCheshire
Macclesfield & District Canine SocietyCheshire
Macclesfield Ringcraft Training ClubCheshire
Meadow Dog TrainingCheshire
Northwich & District Canine SocietyCheshire
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor working towards accreditation markerOldfield Dog TrainingCheshire
Padders Dog TrainingCheshire
Reaseheath CollegeCheshire
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor working towards accreditation markerRixton Dog SchoolCheshire
Runcorn Four Paws Dog Training ClubCheshire
Teamwork Training (Wirral) Cheshire
The Dog School UK (Cheshire)Cheshire
The Well Heeled Dog ClubCheshire
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor markerWaggtails School of Dog TrainingCheshire
Warrington Ringcraft ClubCheshire
Widnes Dog Training ClubCheshire
Wilmslow & Alderley Canine SocietyCheshire
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor working towards accreditation markerWilmslow Dog Training ClubCheshire
Woodford Dog Training ClubCheshire
Wuf CACCheshire

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