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Kennel Club Accredited Instructor marker - club with a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor (an instructor who has been rigorously assessed against a robust standard set by the Kennel Club).

Kennel Club Accredited Instructor working towards accreditation marker - club with a member of the KCAI Scheme working towards accreditation (a KCAI Scheme member who is working towards becoming a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor).

All KCAI Scheme members are required to abide by the scheme’s Code of Practice, which sets out the principles governing professional conduct and training practices.

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4 Paws Dog Training School (Scotland)Scotland
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor working towards accreditation markerAberdeen & District German Shepherd Dog Training ClubAberdeenshire
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor working towards accreditation markerAberdeen Canine Training SocietyAberdeenshire
Aberdeenshire CouncilScotland
Ace AgilityScotland
Afghan Hound Club Of ScotlandScotland
Airedale Terrier Club Of ScotlandScotland
Akita Club Of ScotlandScotland
Allsorts Dog Training SchoolScotland
Andwalls School of Pet Dog TrainingScotland
Angus & Kincardinshire Canine AssociationScotland
Annandale Canine SocietyDumfriesshire
ASPADS Working Trials Society - DundeeGrampian
Avon (Lanarkshire) Dog Agility ClubLanarkshire
Ayrshire Collie ClubScotland
Ayrshire Dog Agility ClubAyrshire
Banff Moray & Nairn Canine ClubScotland
Basset Hound Club Of ScotlandScotland
Bearded Collie Club Of ScotlandScotland
Bernese Mountain Dog Club Of ScotlandScotland
Best Paw Forward Dog TrainingDunbartonshire
Bichon Frise Club of ScotlandScotland
Blackmuir Dog Training & Behaviour CentreRenfrewshire
Bon Accord Kennel AssociationScotland
Border Counties Gundog ClubScotland
Border Counties Hound ClubScotland
Border Union Agricultural SocietyScotland
Boston Terrier Club Of ScotlandScotland
Briard Association - Scottish BriardScotland
British Association For GSDS - Ayrshire IPOAyrshire
British Association For GSDS - Stewarty IPOScotland
Broughty Dog Training ClassScotland
Broxburn & District Ringcraft ClubScotland
Broxburn Dog Training ClubScotland
Bulldog Club Of ScotlandScotland
Bullmastiff Society Of ScotlandScotland
Burnbank Dog Training ClubScotland
Caithness Canine ClubScotland
Caledonian Canine SocietyScotland
Caledonian Dandie Dinmont Terrier ClubScotland
Caledonian Retriever ClubScotland
Cambuslang Canine ClubScotland
Cambuslang Dog Training ClubScotland
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor working towards accreditation markerCanine Concerns Dog Training ClubScotland
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor working towards accreditation markerCanis Dog TrainingAyrshire
Carluke & District Canine SocietyScotland
Catrine Canine ClubScotland
Central Scotland Gundog ClubScotland
Chihuahua Club Of ScotlandScotland
Chow Chow Club Of ScotlandScotland
Clackmannanshire Canine ClubScotland
Clicktrain K9 CentreStirlingshire
Closeburn Dog Socialising ClubDumfries & Galloway
Clyde Valley Dog Agility ClubScotland
Clyde Valley German Shepherd Dog ClubScotland
Clydebank & District Canine ClubScotland
Coastal Paws Dog TrainingFife
Coatbridge Airdrie & District Canine ClubScotland
Cocker Spaniel Club Of ScotlandScotland
Community Dog Training and Grooming ServicesLanarkshire
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor working towards accreditation markerCorryisle Dog TrainingScotland
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor markerCowal Dog Training ClubScotland
Crieff Dog ClubPerthshire
Cumnock & District Canine SocietyScotland
DAGDAG EastDumfries
Dalmatian Club Of ScotlandScotland
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor working towards accreditation markerDarcregan Dog TrainingScotland
Deeside Dog Agility ClubAberdeenshire
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor markerDiscovery Dog ClubScotland
Dogs And The CityEast Lothian
Drongan & District Canine SocietyScotland
Dryburgh Abbey Training GroupScotland
Dumbarton & District Dog Training ClubRenfrewshire
Dumfries & Galloway Canine SocietyDumfriesshire
Dundee Alsatian & Training ClubScotland
Dundee Canine ClubScotland
East Kilbride Dog Training ClubScotland
East Lothian Dog Training ClubScotland
East Of Scotland Canine ClubScotland
East Of Scotland Cocker Spaniel ClubScotland
English Setter Society Of ScotlandScotland
English Springer Spaniel Club Of ScotlandScotland
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor working towards accreditation markerExcel Dog AgilityWest Lothian
Fair City Dog Training ClubScotland
Falkirk & District Canine SocietyScotland
Fast 'N' FuriousEast Lothian
Fife Animals Dog Training ClubScotland
Fife German Shepherd Dog ClubScotland
Fife Kennel AssociationScotland
Flatcoated Retriever Club Of ScotlandScotland
Forth & Clyde Working Gundog AssociationScotland
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor working towards accreditation markerFoundation Dog Training & BehaviourScotland
Fox Terrier Club Of ScotlandScotland
German Shepherd Dog Club Of ScotlandScotland
Glasgow Dog Training ClubLanarkshire
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor working towards accreditation markerGleniffer Dog Training ClubRenfrewshire
Glenrothes Ringcraft SocietyScotland
Golden Retriever Club Of ScotlandScotland
Gordon District Gundog ClubScotland
Gordon Setter Club Of ScotlandScotland
Govan & District Dog Training ClubScotland
Grampian German Shepherd Dog AssociationScotland
Grampian Gundog ClubGrampian
Granite City Dog Agility ClubAberdeenshire
Greenock & District Kennel AssociationScotland
Griffon Bruxellois Club Of ScotlandScotland
GSD League of GB Ltd - Celtic Vale Working Dog BranchScotland
GSD League of GB Ltd - Fife Working Dog BranchFife
GSD League of GB Ltd - Saltire Working Dog BranchScotland
Gundog Breeds Association Of ScotlandScotland
Hamilton Canine ClubScotland
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor markerHappy Hounds Dog Training (Neilston)Lanarkshire
Hawick & District Canine SocietyScotland
Heathers Happy Hounds Scotland
Highland Canine AssociationScotland
Highland Gundog ClubScotland
Hound Association Of ScotlandScotland
Hunt, Point, Retrieve Club Of ScotlandScotland
Irish Setter Club Of ScotlandScotland
Irish Wolfhound Club of ScotlandScotland
Irvine & District Canine ClubScotland
Irvine Valley Dog Training SocietyScotland
Junior Agility Club Scotland Aberdeenshire
Kilmarnock & District Canine ClubScotland
Kilmarnock Dog Training ClubScotland
Kingdom Of Fife Agility ClubScotland
Kirkcaldy & District Canine ClubScotland
Kirkintilloch Lenzie & District Canine SocietyScotland
Knightswood Dog Training ClubScotland
Labrador Club Of ScotlandScotland
Ladies Kennel Association Of ScotlandScotland
Lanarkshire Canine Training AssociationScotland
Land O'Burns Canine ClubScotland
Lara's Puppy School and Dog ClubScotland
Larkhall & District Canine ClubScotland
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor markerLeven & District Dog Training ClubScotland
Lhasa Apso Club Of ScotlandScotland
Livingston Canine SocietyScotland
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor working towards accreditation markerLochaber & District Canine SocietyScotland
Lockerbie Adult EducationScotland
Lothian & Borders Gundog AssociationScotland
Lothian Canine ClubWest Lothian
Lothian Dog TrainingEast Lothian
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor markerLynn The Dog LadyScotland
Maltese Club Of ScotlandScotland
Marykirk DTCScotland
Maxwelltown Dog Training ClubScotland
Maxwelltown Ringcraft Training ClubScotland
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor working towards accreditation markerMidlothian Dog Training ClubScotland
Moray Firth Ringcraft ClubScotland
New Beginnings Assistance DogsWest Lothian
North Of Scotland Gundog AssociationScotland
North Of Scotland Sheepdog ClubScotland
North Of Scotland Staffordshire Bull Terrier ClubPerthshire
North Of Scotland Toydog SocietyScotland
Norwegian Elkhound Association Of ScotlandScotland
Old English Sheepdog Club Of ScotlandScotland
Olivers ArmyFife
Orkney Dog Training ClubOrkney
Orkney K9 Dog Training & BehaviourOrkney
Paisley & District Canine SocietyScotland
Papillon Club Of ScotlandScotland
Pawprince Dog TrainingScotland
Peebles Dog Training ClubScotland
Pekingese Club of ScotlandScotland
Pennine & Scottish French Bulldog AssociationScotland
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor markerPerth Dog TrainingPerthshire
Perthshire Canine ClubScotland
Pet Behaviour ScotlandScotland
Phoenit FlyersRenfrewshire
Phoenix FlyersRenfrewshire
Pointer Club Of ScotlandScotland
Poodle Club Of ScotlandScotland
Prestwick & District Dog Training ClubAyrshire
Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club Of ScotlandScotland
Rallyonline GroupShetland Islands
Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Of ScotlandScotland
Rio Dog Training ClubFife
Rosemary Pirie Canine Training SchoolScotland
Ross & Cromarty Canine ClubScotland
Ross-Shire Agility ClubInverness Shire
Rutherglen Canine ClubScotland
Samoyed Association - Scottish SamoyeScotland
Scottish Beagle ClubScotland
Scottish Border Collie ClubScotland
Scottish Border Terrier ClubScotland
Scottish Boxer ClubScotland
Scottish Bull Terrier ClubScotland
Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ClubScotland
Scottish Collie ClubScotland
Scottish Dachshund ClubScotland
Scottish Dobermann ClubScotland
Scottish Field Trials AssociationScotland
Scottish Great Dane ClubScotland
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor working towards accreditation markerScottish Kennel ClubScotland
Scottish Miniature Pinscher ClubScotland
Scottish Pomeranian ClubScotland
Scottish Pug Dog ClubScotland
Scottish Rottweiler ClubScotland
Scottish Shetland Sheepdog ClubScotland
Scottish Siberian Husky ClubScotland
Scottish Spaniel ClubScotland
Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier ClubScotland
Scottish Terrier Club (Scotland)Scotland
Scottish Toy Dog SocietyScotland
Scottish Utility Breeds ClubScotland
Scottish Working Trials SocietyScotland
Selkirk & District Canine SocietyScotland
Sett-R Paws Right Dog Training Kinross Shire
Shetland Dog ClubShetland Islands
Shih Tzu Club Of ScotlandScotland
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor working towards accreditation markerShotts All Breeds Training ClubScotland
Silver City Ringcraft ClubScotland
Skye Terrier ClubScotland
Skye Terrier Club - Scottish BranchScotland
So Agility Aberdeenshire
Solway Dog Training Club (Cummertrees)Scotland
South Of Scotland GSD & All Breeds Training ClubScotland
South West Scotland Gundog AssociationScotland
Spey Valley Dog Training ClubScotland
St Andrews Cupar & District Canine SocietyScotland
St Bernard Club Of ScotlandScotland
Stewartry Dog Training ClubDumfries & Galloway
Stirling Dog Behavioural CentreStirlingshire
Strathmore Working Gundog ClubScotland
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor working towards accreditation markerTahamasa Canine AcademyLanarkshire
Tay Valley Gundog AssociationScotland
Tayside Lochee & District Canine ClubScotland
Tealing Dog TrainingScotland
Terrier Club Of ScotlandScotland
Tibetan Spaniel Club Of ScotlandScotland
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor working towards accreditation markerTop Dog TrainingScotland
Train In The Ring Ayrshire
TrainMyPuppy DumfriesDumfriesshire
Turriff District Agricultural AssociationScotland
Tweedbank Dog Training ClubScotland
Tynewater Dog TrainingMidlothian
Upperward Of Lanarkshire Canine SocietyScotland
Waggy Trails Pet ServicesLanarkshire
Waverley Gundog AssociationScotland
Weimaraner Club Of ScotlandScotland
Welsh Corgi League - Scottish Scotland
WesLo K9West Lothian
West Lothian Canine SocietyScotland
West Marches Ringcraft ClubScotland
Whippet Club Of ScotlandScotland
Who's The Boss DTCScotland
Wigtownshire & Galloway Agility ClubScotland
Woodside Dog Agility ClubWest Lothian
Working & Pastoral Breeds Association Of ScotlandScotland
Yorkshire Terrier Club Of ScotlandScotland

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