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Spaniel (American Water) (Imp)


Illustration of Spaniel (American Water) (Imp)

This brown water spaniel (the original name for the breed) was developed in the Mid West of the United States as a duck retriever and also used to flush out waterfowl – so it combines Spaniel and Retriever properties. The American Water Spaniel shares some similarities in appearance with the Irish Water Spaniel in coat type and its love of water – making it ideal for going out in boats with the hunters and diving off to retrieve shot birds. It was recognised by the AKC in 1937, and is little seen outside of the USA.

The Gundog Breed Group

Dogs that were originally trained to find live game and/or to retrieve game that had been shot and wounded. This group is divided into four categories - Retrievers, Spaniels, Hunt/Point/Retrieve, Pointers and Setters - although many of the breeds are capable of doing the same work as the other sub-groups. They make good companions, their temperament making them ideal all-round family dogs.

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