Illustration of Finnish Spitz

The national dog of Finland was well established when the first breed standard was written in 1812. Originally he was used for tracking elk and bear, their barking signalling that they had found game. Now used for finding game birds, he uses the same vociferous technique, barking at the birds perched in trees, to alert the hunters in the thick forests. The spitz characteristics are a wedge shaped head, compact body and a stand off outer coat with a tightly curled tail over his back. The bright red iridescent coat of the Finish Spitz is much admired.

The Hound Breed Group

Breeds originally used for hunting either by scent or by sight. The scent hounds include the Beagle and Bloodhound and the sight hounds such breeds as the Whippet and Greyhound. Many of them enjoy a significant amount of exercise and can be described as dignified, aloof but trustworthy companions.

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