Breed Information Centre

Greenland Dog

Accepted Colours for Registration

Black & White
Dark Grey & White
Grey & White
Grey Black & White
Red & White
Sable & White
Tan & White
Tan Black & White
White & Fawn
Colour Not Recognised By KC

Where the words ‘Not KC Recognised’ appear against one of the listed colours above, this is to indicate that the colour is not correct as regards the Breed Standard for the breed. The Breed Standard describes the desired colours in the breed, and while other colours may exist, these are considered undesirable in this breed. Undesirable colours may have occurred due to outcrossing, or should be avoided if they are known to indicate conditions which can be detrimental to health. It should be noted however that where a colour is known to be detrimental to health the Kennel Club will refuse registration.

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