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Select a breeders’ name to find out more about them and view any available litters. Whilst not all of the breeders will have puppies available at this time, they will be happy to advise you of any future puppies planned.

Kennel Club Assured Breeders for any breed in Warwickshire
NameDate Visit ApprovedLocationBreedsMember Since
Mr A Allcock Mbe14/01/2014Leamington Spa30/04/2009
Guide Dogs For The Blind Association21/02/2014Leamington Spa19/03/2004
Mrs L L Mayne16/04/2014Nuneaton31/05/2007
Mrs L J Veitch28/01/2014Rugby31/01/2010
Mrs D E Whitehouse21/02/2014Rugby31/07/2008
Mr J D Adamson & Mrs C M Jackson & Mr G K & Mrs L Munkley20/01/2014Rugby08/04/2013
Ms L M Steele21/02/2014Southam21/07/2011
Miss H A Adkins12/03/2014Stratford-Upon-Avon03/02/2014
Mrs E A Young13/12/2013Studley31/03/2009
Mrs I A Pinfield-Alcester31/05/2008
Miss K Farrer & Mr S Felix-Alcester19/08/2013
Mr S N H Wright-Alcester31/05/2010
Mr P R Hopkins & Ms J A Taylor-Atherstone31/05/2010
Mrs B I Rance-Atherstone31/10/2009
Mr D & Mrs J Bowns-Atherstone24/09/2013
Mrs A Prosser-Atherstone08/11/2012
Mr N D Selway-Atherstone11/07/2012
Mr A J & Mrs D A Huggins-Atherstone31/03/2009
Mr D Oldham-Bedworth28/02/2011
Mrs S E Childs-Bedworth31/08/2010
Miss K L Forster-Bedworth31/05/2009
Mrs H R Michie-Kenilworth18/06/2012
Ms S J Bettles-Kenilworth31/03/2011
Miss I Canning-Kenilworth31/08/2008
Mrs K Sillito-Beale-Kenilworth31/05/2009
Mrs C J O'Neill-Kenilworth31/01/2009
Mrs K Grosvenor-Kenilworth29/08/2013
Lady Caroline Jane Aldersley-Kenilworth31/03/2010
Mrs S Bowen-Leamington Spa31/01/2010
Mrs J A & Mr P G Johnson-Leamington Spa28/02/2010
Mrs J Green & Dr C Tennant-Leamington Spa30/11/2011
Lady L Sanderson-Nuneaton14/06/2004
Mrs J Jones-Nuneaton06/09/2013
Mrs J D Harrison-Nuneaton31/03/2011
Mrs M Y Burdus-Nuneaton30/06/2005
Mr C & Mrs C Dean-Nuneaton31/07/2009
Mrs A E Corbett-Nuneaton31/10/2009
Mrs M L & Mr G Roach-Nuneaton30/04/2009
Mrs D J Bonser-Hadfield & Miss H K Hadfield-Nuneaton31/01/2008
Mrs M & Miss C Allen-Nuneaton28/02/2008
Mrs D J & Mr D M Summers-Nuneaton30/11/2009
Mrs M L Saunders-Rugby18/07/2011
Mr C J Lupton & Mrs K Holman-Rugby30/09/2010
Mr M P Phillips-Rugby31/08/2008
Mrs Y E Bannister-Rugby31/03/2010
Ms V L Judge-Rugby31/01/2011
Mrs M E Kempster-Rugby05/07/2011
Ms G L Lamb-Rugby28/02/2006
Mrs K E Hutchings-Shipston-On-Stour31/08/2010
Mrs S Spafford-Shipston-On-Stour18/04/2013
Dr H Furn Davies-Shipston-On-Stour01/07/2013
Mrs S Gilkes-Shipston-On-Stour28/01/2005
Mr S C Brown & Mrs L A Wyatt-Southam05/01/2012
Mrs V A Dover-Southam15/07/2011
Mr W J Thomas-Stratford-Upon-Avon31/03/2009
Mr F & Mrs K Williams-Stratford-Upon-Avon28/02/2006
Miss Y Claridge-Stratford-Upon-Avon14/11/2012
Mrs F E Dobson-Warwick31/03/2008
Mrs J P Wood-Warwick30/04/2009
Mr & Mrs A R V & Miss R Hodge-Warwick30/04/2008
Ms S A Antram-Warwick02/02/2012
Mrs J E Ashworth-Warwick30/04/2007
Mrs A L Rawlinson-Warwick31/03/2011
Mrs K M Smith-Warwick31/01/2009
Mr C F & Mrs M J Gummow-Warwick30/09/2010
Ms A M Birch-Warwick31/07/2010
Some breeders may have requested not to be displayed on this service.

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