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Announcement    23 June 2017 11:32
Canine Eye Testing at Game Fair

Owners of Kennel Club registered dogs will be able to get their pet’s eyes examined by a top veterinary ophthalmologist at the Game Fair 2017 from 28-30 July. Learn more.

Announcement    22 June 2017 13:37
The Kennel Club Encourages Employers to Be Dog Friendly

The Kennel Club’s long-running Be Dog Friendly campaign aims to break down barriers for man’s best friend by encouraging more businesses and public spaces to welcome dogs, and includes the annual Be Dog Friendly Week (starting Monday 24th July). Click to read more.

Announcement    20 June 2017 15:52
Amendments to Definition of Mid Limit and Limit Classes

The Kennel Club has agreed amendments to the definition of the Mid Limit and Limit classes at breed shows, with effect from 1st January 2018. Read more.

Announcement    20 June 2017 16:22
Thousands of Canines Head to Leeds for Huge Dog Show Featuring over 200 Breeds

British and Irish native dog breeds will be among the more than 7,000 dogs which will descend on the Harewood Estate from 21st – 23rd July for the popular Leeds Championship Dog Show. Click to read more.

Announcement    19 June 2017 10:22
Winners of Dog Photographer of the Year Competition Announced

The Kennel Club has announced the winners of its annual Dog Photographer of the Year competition. Click to read more.

Announcement    13 June 2017 09:48
Rare Dog Breed Given Plaque Inside Selkirk Pub to Commemorate Historic Meeting Held in 1875

A plaque was unveiled to commemorate the formation of the Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club (DDTC) at the Fleece in 1875. Read more.

Announcement    13 June 2017 11:13
Unique ‘Discovery Centre’ for Rare Dog Breed Opens in Scottish Borders Thanks to Educational Grant from the Kennel Club

A unique Discovery Centre which educates the visiting public, tourists and dog lovers about the rare Dandie Dinmont Terrier dog breed has been opened at The Haining in Selkirk in the Scottish Borders. Read more.

Announcement    12 June 2017 12:20
Kennel Club Academy Adds New Conformation and Movement Resource for Dog Show Judges

The Kennel Club has launched a new resource outlining the principles of canine conformation and movement to its online education resource, the Kennel Club Academy. Learn more.

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