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Kennel Club Issues Guidance Document on Obedience Heelwork Positions

27 June 2017    14:22

Following on from the rewording of the Descriptions and Explanatory Notes for Obedience Tests that was issued at the end of 2016, the Kennel Club was requested to issue guidance on what to look for when judging heelwork in accordance with the new wording.

In response to these requests the Kennel Club has created the Obedience Heelwork Positions document which is intended to assist judges in making fair and informed decisions in their judging of dogs competing in obedience tests.

The document provides illustrations of working styles, which will also be useful for competitors to ensure that their dogs are working in a happy and natural manner whilst maintaining a natural topline.

The document can be found on the Kennel Club website here.

Any queries regarding the document and its implementation should be directed to email


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