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Back-to-Back Breed Club Shows Permitted at General Championship Shows

06 July 2017    10:00

Breed club shows may now be held at general championship shows, on a ‘back-to-back’ basis, on days when their respective group is not scheduled at the larger event, the Kennel Club has announced.

Previous policy made provision for back-to-back breed events only when they were held at a venue a reasonable distance from that of the general championship show. However, the Dog Show Promotion Working Party was recently approached by a general championship show society which wished to host breed club events on days when the breed’s group was not scheduled at its show and this has resulted in a change in policy. 

In agreeing this change, the working party acknowledged that partnership and back-to-back shows have increased in number since their inception in 2015 and therefore are becoming more attractive for some breeds.  They also have the potential to maximise entries for both shows, as well as minimising costs for the exhibitor, thus improving the ‘dog show experience’ for all concerned.  Breed club finances could also improve in cases where venues and facilities are shared.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “The number of breed clubs holding shows in conjunction with general championship shows is increasing year on year, which is a sign that this concept is attractive to some breeds. Whilst we acknowledge that some breeds prefer stand-alone events, others will potentially find that holding an event on the same day as a general championship show raises issues for them. This is particularly relevant in the numerically large breeds and also breeds with multiple varieties where arrangements can become logistically problematic.  We believe that this change in policy will give breed clubs more options and enable them to find a solution which works best for them.”


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