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Baiting Exhibits at Shows

19 May 2016    15:00

Following a number of queries received, relating to baiting exhibits in the ring at Kennel Club licensed events, the Kennel Club wishes to clarify its position.

Baiting is the use of food or other items in the ring by handlers to encourage and keep the interest of their exhibits. Whilst this activity does not contravene Kennel Club Regulations, it should be carried out only in a discreet manner and not result in distracting or disturbing another exhibit.

The Kennel Club has received a number of complaints that excessive amounts of food are being left on the floor in show rings which has, in some cases, ultimately affected the performance of other exhibits.

The Kennel Club hopes that all participants at licensed shows will refrain from dropping food on the floor in the ring.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: "We ask that all exhibitors please take great care in the use of food, or any other item that may cause distraction, in the ring and make every effort to ensure that food is not dropped to avoid potentially distracting other exhibits, in the interests of fairness."


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