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18 March 2016    09:00

It is with regret that the Kennel Club has accepted the resignation of Mr Ron Stewart as Chairman of the Kennel Gazette Editorial Panel, along with panel members Mr James Cuddy and Mrs Pat Brigden.

The Kennel Gazette Editorial Panel was set up in 2014 following the Kennel Club AGM when the motion was proposed by Simon Parsons to bring back a printed version of the Gazette. Ron Stewart took over as Chairman of the new Kennel Gazette Panel in November 2014 and since then has led a hard working and dedicated team of five members which also included Pat Brigden and James Cuddy, to produce a top quality magazine. Their hard work and determination resulted in the Gazette being reintroduced in June 2015 and this has been very well received within the KC membership.

The Board would like to thank Mr Stewart, Mrs Brigden and Mr Cuddy for all their hard work, time and commitment in relaunching the Kennel Gazette as the quality magazine it is considered to be.


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