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Veterinary support at dog shows – Regulation amendment

23 November 2015    11:30

The Kennel Club General Committee has recently amended the regulations regarding veterinary support at shows, to make clear that where a veterinary surgeon is in attendance they must be on site for the duration of judging on each day of the show.

The regulation amendments are as follows:

'The Secretary of a licensed show is required to arrange veterinary support compatible with the arrangements for the show and the anticipated entry. At shows at which a veterinary surgeon is present, they must be on site when the show opens for the duration of each day's judging. At shows where there are less than 200 classes scheduled, veterinary support can be on call rather than present at the show venue.

'Show Societies are to arrange veterinary support in accordance with Regulation F12.  (Amendment in bold)

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: "We want to make it explicitly clear that where a veterinary surgeon is in attendance at the show, show societies have a duty of care to ensure that the veterinary surgeon remains on site for the duration of judging, on each day of the show. However it is important to note that on site veterinary surgeons are not expected to treat dogs 'out of hours', such as after the show closes.

Show societies are reminded that if a show has more than 200 classes, a veterinary surgeon must be present.

The regulation change comes into effect from 1st January 2016.


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