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Appointing emergency judges - a reminder to clubs and societies

11 November 2015    14:15

The Kennel Club would like to remind Championship Show Secretaries of the procedure to follow when notifying the Kennel Club of the appointment of an emergency judge.

An emergency judge is one who takes over an appointment from a judge whose name has been previously published in the show schedule. Emergency judges are appointed outside the usual regulation parameters in the event of the original judge being unable to complete the appointment. 

Show societies are reminded that they should notify the Kennel Club of the change of judge at the first available opportunity and ideally at least seven days prior to the show.

Whilst we appreciate that there are occasions when replacement judges are contracted at the very last minute, and in such instances it may not be possible to provide advance notice, the Kennel Club does, in general, expect the seven day timeframe to be adhered to.

Furthermore, Championship show breed judges appointed in an emergency must have previously been approved to award CCs to the breed and have done so, and must not have accepted an invitation to judge the same sex of the breed at another championship show within 12 calendar months following the show in question.

Similarly, for Group or Best in Show appointments, the emergency judge must have previously been approved for the relevant group, or to judge best in show, and have done so, but must not have accepted an invitation to judge an equivalent appointment at another championship show within nine months following the show in question.

It is crucial that an emergency appointment does not jeopardise any forthcoming appointment to judge that Breed/Group/Best in Show etc.

The appointment of a replacement judge should be advertised via the usual channels, such as the canine press, printer's website, society webpages etc.

Show societies who wish to advise the Kennel Club of any emergency judge should do so by contacting the Breed Shows Team via


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