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Changes To Kennel Club Field Trial Regulations

29 December 2015    10:00

The following amendments to the Field Trial 'J' regulations have been approved by the Kennel Club General Committee and will come into effect on 1 January 2016.

Regulation J(E)10.a Water Retrieve


In Open and All Aged Stakes, the water retrieve is a blind retrieve from across water wherever possible, or from open water.  If a dog returns by land, it should not be penalised for this unless it wastes time thereby.

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Regulation J(F)2 Show Gundog Working Certificate


A gundog which has won a Challenge Certificate or previously qualified for Crufts through a breed class may be entered for a Show Gundog Working Certificate at a Field Trial or a Show Gundog Working Day for its sub-group, licensed by the Kennel Club, with a minimum of two Judges officiating, of which at least one must be an A Panel Judge. Judges must be aware that the principal purpose of the Show Gundog Working Certificate is to assess whether a dog demonstrates a natural ability to hunt and, where appropriate, point and retrieve, and they should take care to judge accordingly.

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Regulation J(F)7.i. Show Gundog Working Certificate


That the dog has been under reasonable control.


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