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Breed Club Expertise Sought For Large Scale Breed Health Survey

19 June 2014    13:00

The Kennel Club is calling for the help and expertise of breed clubs as it prepares to launch a survey which will aim to give the most wide-ranging insight into dog breed health to date.

The 2014 Pedigree Breed Health Survey will be sent out in the coming months to 385,000 people who have registered pedigree dogs with the Kennel Club in the past 15 years and who have signed up to receive emails.

However, in the current phase of the project the Kennel Club is contacting all breed health coordinators and asking them to seek input from their breed clubs, so that the survey can be tailored to illuminate breed specific health issues, in addition to general issues related to dog health.

The project, which follows up on the Kennel Club's 2004 Purebred Dog Health Survey, is being developed in collaboration with Dr Tom Lewis and aims to improve our understanding of the general health of all dog breeds, highlight positive progress in the breeds since 2004, and better understand the prevalence of current health concerns.

Aimee Llewellyn, Breed Health and Information Manager, said: "This is the first time that a project has been undertaken on this scale, and across so many different breeds, and we hope that it will provide invaluable insights to vets, scientists, breeders and all those with a concern in improving dog health.

"In the first phase of this project we are calling on the expertise of breed health coordinators, who can coordinate with their breed clubs and feed back to us with any breed specific conditions that they have seen emerging or affecting their breed and that they feel should be reflected in our survey. Their expertise and experiences are vital to ensuring that this survey is as accurate and detailed as possible.

"Once we have collated this information we can finalise the survey and this will be made available to all owners of Kennel Club registered dogs."

Breed health coordinators are asked to give any feedback from their breed clubs to the Kennel Club by 1st August 2014, by emailing


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