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The Kennel Club Building is the UK's only venue created to suit all canine educational needs from dog shows and training sessions to seminars and meetings. No matter what canine event you are holding we can help. We are currently taking bookings up to and including 2026.  

Please do not forget that we can accommodate all types of events, including Agility and Heelwork to Music, as we have special safety matting for the more high octane disciplines.

Please contact our KC Building Specialist on 01296 318540 to discuss your event and the great facilities on offer. Also contact the Kennel Club's Building Specialist if you would like to view the Building, to assess its potential for your event. We are very happy to show you our wonderful facilities. 

Leamington Dog Training Club continues to run agility on Tuesdays, Puppy training, general obedience and ringcraft on Wednesdays and Rally on Thursdays. A number of Kennel Club registered Societies now offer Rally Training which is a canine sport derived from the heelwork elements of competitive Obedience. It differs from Obedience primarily in that competitors and dogs attempt a pre-set course along which signs are placed at up to 15 stations along the course, requiring them to perform one of around 50 different pre-set exercises. Please contact view their website: www.ldtc.info for more information.


Date Event Type Club Further Info
02/10/2016 Companion Dog Show Humanimal http://www.humanimaltrust.org.uk/
02/10/2016 Seminar The Greenland Dog Club of Great Britain http://www.greenlanddogclub.co.uk/
08/10/2016 Dog of the Year Show Irish Wolfhound Club http://www.irishwolfhoundsociety.com/
08/10/2016 Open Show Standard Poodle Club http://www.standardpoodleclub.com/
09/10/2016 Championship Show Lhasa Apso Club http://www.lhasa-apso-club.org.uk/index.php
09/10/2016 Open Show & Limited Obedience Midlands Border Collie Club http://www.midlandsbordercollieclub.com/
14/10/2016 Seminar Earthdog Please email: jrasamuyr@gmail.com
15/10/2016 Championship Show English Shetland Sheepdog Club http://www.essc.org.uk/
16/10/2016 Championship Show Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club http://www.salukiclub.co.uk/
16/10/2016 Championship Show Dogue de Bordeaux Club of GB http://www.ddbclubofgb.co.uk/
16/10/2016 Seminar The Cesky Terrier Club http://cesky-terrier-club.co.uk/ 
22/10/2016 Championship Show Newfoundland Club http://www.thenewfoundlandclub.co.uk/
22/10/2016 Championship Show Wire Fox Terrier Association http://www.wirefoxterrierassociation.co.uk/index.html
23/10/2016 Championship Show Midland Bassett Hound Club http://www.mbhc.org.uk/
29/10/2016 Championship Show Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club http://www.wheaten.org.uk/
29/10/2016 Championship Show London & South East Rottweiller Club http://www.laser-rottweilerclub.co.uk/


Date Event Type Club Further Info
05/11/2016 Open Show British Dalmatian Club http://www.britishdalmatianclub.org.uk/
05/11/2016 Championship Show North of England Lhasa Apso http://www.noelac.org/
06/11/2016 Championship Show Berkshire Downs & Chilterns Golden Retriever Club http://www.bdcgrc.org.uk/
06/11/2016 Championship Show Parson Russell Terrier Club http://www.parsonrussellterrierclub.co.uk/
06/11/2016 Seminar Coventry Cocker Spaniel Club http://www.coventrycockerspanielclub.co.uk/
12/11/2016 Championship Show Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club http://thesbtc.org.uk/
12/11/2016 Open Show Border Collie Club of GB http://www.bordercollieclub.com/
12/11/2016 Breed Seminar Beauceron Club http://www.beauceronclubuk.org/
13/11/2016 Championship Show East Midlands Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club http://www.eastmidlandssbtclub.co.uk/
13/11/2016 Championship Show Leonberger Club of GB http://www.leonbergerclubofgb.com/
19/11/2016 Championship Show Dachshund Club http://http://www.dachshundclub.co.uk/
20/11/2016 Breed Seminar Lagotto Romagnolo Association http://www.lagottoromagnoloassociation.co.uk/
20/11/2016 Championship Show National Whippet Association  http://www.nationalwhippetassociation.com/
20/11/2016 Open Show Hunt, Point and Retrieve Gundog Association http://www.hprga.co.uk/
26/11/2016 Championship Show Midland Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club http://www.midlandcavalier.co.uk/
26/11/2016 Open Show Southern Newfoundland Club http://southernnewfoundlandclub.co.uk/
27/11/2016 Championship Show Birmingham Afghan Hound Club http://www.bahc.org.uk/
27/11/2016 Seminar The Kennel Club Sport Sciene Seminar //activities/canine-sports-science-seminar/


Date Event Type Club Further Info
03/12/2016 Championship Show Cotswold Boxer Club http://www.cotswoldboxerclub.com
03/12/2016 Obreedience The Kennel Club /events/obreedience
04/12/2016 Championship Show Midland Golden Retriever Club http://www.midlandgrc.co.uk
04/12/2016 Supermatch Good Citizen Dog Scheme /training/good-citizen-dog-training-scheme/
10/12/2016 Championship Show Obedience Class Championships http://www.obedienceuk.net
18/11/2016 Carol Service Stoneleigh Church http://www.stoneleighchurch.co.uk/
28/11/2016 Open Show Ashbourne & District Canine Society /services/public/findaclub/display.aspx?id=340

Date Event Organiser Website
03/12/2016 Champ Show Cotswold Boxer Club http://www.cotswoldboxerclub.com/
03/12/2016 Obreedience Working Dog Activities /events/obreedience/
04/12/2016 Champ Show Midland Golden Retriever Club http://www.midlandgrc.co.uk/
04/12/2016 Supermatch Good Citizens Dog Scheme /training/good-citizen-dog-training-scheme/
10/12/2016 Champ Show Obedience Class Champs http://www.obedienceuk.net/
18/10/2016 Carol Service Stoneleigh Church http://www.stoneleighchurch.co.uk/
28/10/2016 Open Show Ashbourne & District Canine Society /services/public/findaclub/display.aspx?id=340
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