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A free online service for owners of dogs & puppies and to give a wealth of advice on responsible breeding and buying a puppy.

MyKC is a FREE service from the Kennel Club offering a lifetime of support to puppy seekers, owners and breeders. MyKC is for all dog enthusiasts whether you are looking for your perfect canine pal, own a dog (pedigree or crossbreed) or breed litters of puppies. MyKC will guide you through the dog owning journey as well as providing you with so much more including:

  • Exclusive special offers for your dogs and puppies worth £££s!
  • Access to your nearest dog friendly places such as pet shops, vets, places to eat and beaches
  • View and research your dog's official pedigree
  • Personalised address book and diary to keep track of all your dog's important contacts, add your own reminders and records, such as weight, diet, worming treatment and important milestones
  • Access to health information for your dog and its parents
  • Ability to search responsible breeders for a Kennel Club registered puppy 
  • Are you a breeder? Watch this video to find out more!

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