Suggested Wording For Writing To Your MLA Regarding The Clean Neighbourhoods And Environment Bill


While we know that it is much easier simply to copy a letter and send it off, your MLA is far more likely to take notice if you write your own letter. Facts upon which you can base your letter are detailed below but where possible PLEASE write your own version.




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Re: Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Bill

As the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Bill is due for debate in the Assembly, I am writing to ask you to support the amendments being proposed by the Kennel Club with regard to access for dog walkers.

The Kennel Club acts as a voice for thousands of dog owners across the United Kingdom, and is committed to ensuring that the new legislation in Northern Ireland enables local authorities to effectively manage land whilst ensuring responsible dog-owners retain crucial access to dog walking areas. Supported by its vast expertise and experience on dog-related matters, the Kennel Club is proposing the following amendments to the Bill:

  • Introduction of a right of appeal following public consultation.
  • Requirement on local authorities to consult through a variety of channels, as well as placing public notices in local newspapers. For instance through officer presence in areas affected by the proposals, consultation with local dog training clubs/the Kennel Club etc.
  • Requirement on local authorities to specify the land to which a dog control order will apply, in order to ensure meaningful public consultation can take place.
  • Requirement on local authorities to report access restrictions made to DARD (or other body) to enable a record to be kept and monitoring of restrictions.
  • Requirement for authorised officers tasked with enforcing legislation to hold or undergo training in dog behaviour enabling them to adequately determine when to use each order.
  • Clarification of the definition of 'under control', so that members of the public, those tasked with enforcing the law have a real understanding of what this means in practice.

I would be extremely grateful if you would support these amendments when the Bill is debated in the Assembly. For further information or to discuss any of these points in greater detail you should contact Emily Jeffrey, Senior Public Affairs Officer at the Kennel Club on 020 7518 1020 or

Yours sincerely,



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