A Dog's Life Manifesto


The manifesto (PDF) sets out the Kennel Club's vision for legislative changes that can help to protect dogs and is divided into sections that reflect all aspects of a dog's life - from breeding and acquisition to dog training, responsible dog ownership and everyday living, and includes a section on preventing unnecessary animal testing and the development of alternative testing methods.

Key manifesto asks of our 'Dog's Life' Manifesto are:

  • Breeding - Review legislation on dog breeding to make the principles of the Assured Breeder Scheme mandatory and ensure it enshrines the principles of the Animal Welfare Act.
  • Acquisition - Prohibit the sale of puppies in pet shops and promote responsible buying of dogs from breeders breeding to the standard of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme.
  • Training - Prohibit the sale and use of electronic shock collars and adopt he Kennel Club Accredited Instructor requirements as an industry based standard for all dog trainers and behaviourists.
  • Responsible Ownership - Update, consolidate and replace existing legislation on dog control with preventative legislation and measures based on the principle of deed not breed.
  • Routines in Everyday Living - Record information relating to the Public Spaces Protection Orders from local authorities and require them to engage with local dog owners when introducing Orders relating to dog walking.
  • Free from Animal Testing - Review the use of dogs as a second species for toxicity testing in human drug development in light of new research on the lack of usefulness of this practice.
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