Celia Walsom

Celia Walsom

Name: Celia Walsom

Position: Petlog Executive

Day-to-day activities: Overseeing the day to day operation of Petlog - I am responsible for formulating future strategy. Dealing on a daily basis with twelve microchip suppliers - all major welfare units, dog wardens, vets and microchipping industry specialists. Attending shows - Crufts, , BSAVA, BVNA, Discover Dogs and various Pet Shows etc. Vice President of European Pet Network Group - so not only do we look after all the microchipped pets in the UK - but also those that travel with their owners across Europe!

Favourite part of the job: The people - working with a great team in Petlog means doing a great job comes easily. The support I get from my colleagues across the KC - especially in the Marketing department - really makes a difference. And, of course, being part of the team that helps reunite lost pets with their owners - gives every day a real purpose.

Least favourite part of the job: So many dogs, cats, rabbits so little time! There is always so much that we could do, that it becomes a challenge to pick the most critical project and focus on that. That and not having more time to speak to pet owners and children, especially in relation to pet safety.

My dogs: Sadly as of this year I am petless - I miss them all and they do leave paw prints in your heart - but as ever it was a privilege to have had them in my life and for that I am truly grateful - hopefully it won't be too long until the next generation come along but for now I'm content with all the lovely KC staff dogs we have - and of course all the pets we care for as Petlog.

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Celia Walsom

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