• Health and welfare for show dogs

Health and welfare for show dogs

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he following information provides those participating in, or judging at dog shows with a selection of tools that enable them to continue to put canine health and welfare first.

Breed Watch

Breed Watch has been created to outline particular points of concerns for individual breed conformation, to assist judges and breed clubs in monitoring and addressing these areas.

  • To find out more about the points of concern listed for individual breeds use the Breed Watch tool.
  • For guidance on health monitoring at dog shows and the requirements of dog show judges, please visit the Breed Watch Information page.

Breed Watch Education Days

Breed Watch Education Days are open to all and will provide Judges at all levels of experience with a developed understanding of health and welfare concerns they should be aware of when judging. For more information about upcoming Breed Watch Education Days, click here.

Vet Checks

Veterinary health checks confirm Best of Breed awards at dog shows, by assessing dogs to ensure that no visible health conditions, which may cause pain or discomfort, are rewarded.  Further information can be found in this section on the processes and procedures behind these checks.

Category Three Breeds

This section provides answers to common questions about  Category Three Breeds including which breeds are identified as Category Three on Breed Watch, why they have been added, and what is being done to address the issues.

Kennel Club regulations relevant to Canine Health & Welfare

For a summary of relevant Kennel Club Regulations, Breed Standard clauses and declarations relevant to Canine Health and Welfare, click here.

Subscribe to the Kennel Club Academy

The Kennel Club Academy contains new online learning resources delivering presentations including many of the mandatory elements required in the Kennel Club's established judges training programme. These are all essential pre-learning before attending the official seminars delivered by Accredited Trainers and offer established judges the opportunity to keep up to date on regulations and judging procedures:

  • Points of the Dog Assessment including an opportunity to test your knowledge
  • Requirements of a Dog Show Judge including a mock exam
  • Ring Stewarding including a mock exam
  • Completing the Breed Health Monitoring form
  • As importantly, also featured on the Academy is a variety of breed specific films from breed experts giving their personal observations of the breed (Beagle, Dachshund, Boxer, Scottish Terrier and Chow Chow).  More films will be added to the Academy during the course of this year and in years to come.
  • Subscribe today by clicking here.
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Health and Welfare Regulations

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