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The Kennel Club, in conjunction with a number of other organisations and the breed clubs concerned, run DNA screening schemes for many breeds. The DNA tests used in these schemes can accurately identify clear, carrier and affected dogs, and can be used by breeders to effectively eliminate undesirable disease genes in their stock. 

For advice on how to breed responsibly from a DNA tested dog, please read our Breeding for Health Information Guide.  Alternatively, to view the health test results of dogs tested under any of the kennel club's official testing schemes, please see the Health Test Results Finder on Mate Select.

Not all DNA tests available for breeds are recorded by the Kennel Club and a list of worldwide DNA tests can be found here. Breeds which currently have DNA tests recorded and published by the KC, together with further information on the specific conditions, lists of laboratories and results can be found via the links below (note that breeds have been split into alphabetical listing).

Applications to add new health related DNA tests will be considered upon a formal request from a Breed Council, or at the request from the majority of the Breed Clubs or following a request from the breed's Health Coordinator acting on behalf of the clubs. For further details please contact us at hbs@thekennelclub.org.uk.

Please note that as the prcd-PRA and CEA/CH DNA tests for all breeds are subject to patents, the Kennel Club will currently only record and publish results issued by Optigen.

Breeds have been split into alphabetical listing as below. For further information on the breeds, specific conditions and lists of results, click on the links below.

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