• Breeding for health

Breeding for health


Responsible breeders will consider the health of their puppies to be a priority, increasing the probability that healthy puppies will go on to live long and happy lives. This page includes sections on factors to consider when breeding dogs for health, including breeding from DNA tested dogs and inbreeding.

DNA testing & simple inherited disorders
This section provides information on DNA testing, one of the many resources that can help dog breeders make good breeding decisions, working towards reducing the number of affected dogs with inherited conditions.
Inbreeding and genetic diversity
Inbreeding and a reduction in genetic diversity can impact on the health of individual dogs and breeds as a whole. This section provides information, advice and resources to help those who care about their breed to take action.
Complex inherited disorders
This section provides information on the tests available for complex inherited disorders (such as hip and elbow dysplasia), which are often caused by a number of different genes and also influenced by environmental factors.
Conformation related health problems
The structure and look of a dog can sometimes cause health problems if certain physical features are exaggerated through breeding. This section highlights some of these exaggerated features and the health problems they can cause.
Breeding for Health - Information Guide
A printable leaflet which covers such topics as: why health test your dog, DNA testing and simple inherited disorders, how to breed responsibly from a DNA tested dog, complex inherited disorders, inbreeding and its impact on health.
Mate Select
An online resource designed to assist breeders when selecting an appropriate mate for their dog. It offers a range of services, including inbreeding coefficient calculators and the health test results finder, to help breeders improve the health and welfare of their breed as a whole.
The Assured Breeder Scheme
This promotes good breeding practice through principles that Members must follow, thereby encouraging the breeding of healthy and well-socialised puppies.
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Info Guide - Breeding for Health

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