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The Kennel Club has a number of Breeder Assessors who play a central role in maintaining the high standards of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme as it continues to grow in size and stature.

Each Breeder Assessor is chosen following a rigorous selection process that takes account of their breeding experience, knowledge of the scheme and general commitment to the dog world.

Between them the Assessors have amassed years of breeding experience and include Show Champion breeders, Crufts judges, a former veterinary nurse and behaviourist, people who have served in the Police service and Armed Forces and a Breed Council Secretary.

The Assessors are responsible for inspecting the premises of the Scheme's members and ensuring that its principles and standards are upheld.

Contacting the Breeder Assessors

If you would like to contact any of the Breeder Assessors please email the Assured Breeder Scheme Team.

Regional Breeder Assessors

The following Regional Breeder Assessors have been trained so as to be able to assess Assured Breeders formally.  This training includes attending formal sessions and on-going assessment and review.  All current Regional Breeder Assessors have passed an initial assessment and receive continual training and assessment throughout the year.  The training and assessment processes are carried out to standards audited by UKAS as part of the certification process.

Mrs Sheila Beeney

Sheila had her first Sheltie when she was 12 years old; she was mentored by Esme Drury of the Inchgower Rough Collies and Shelties.  She showed him and then had her first bitch in her late teens and started to breed in her own right.  Shelties were her main breed but she has owned a Rough Collie, a Chinese Crested and Papillons which she also bred for a while.  She had Working Sheepdogs which she worked in obedience.  Sheila's husband had terriers, so she has plenty of experience of a variety of breeds.  She was involved in Sheltie rescue in the South West for over 20 years and had horses and rode for many years.  She now owns four Smooth Collies and one elderly Sheltie. 

Mrs Caron Bell

Caron can't remember a time when she did not have a dog.  She has owned and bred Keeshonds since 1995 with her husband and son, breeding champions and many CC winners.  A few years ago she fostered a deaf puppy from a rescue centre.  She met a fantastic trainer who educated her in positive reward-based training - she never looked back.  She ventures into everything with her dogs, even a CSI training course with her Finnish Lapphund.  She has a diploma in dog psychology and training.  She breeds occasionally as part of the ABS.  Her has worked as a laboratory manager using ISO documentation and assessments.  She owns six Keeshonds and bought a Finnish Lapphund in 2012.  She is a committee member of both her breed clubs, has served on general society committees as show secretary and a co-ordinator for Spitz in the Park, a charity event held annually for all spitz breeds.

Mrs Laura Clark

Prior to joining the Kennel Club as a full-time employee, Laura managed to combine a career in the veterinary sector with a successful hobby of breeding and showing Boxers since 1997. One of the Kennel Club's most experienced assessors, Laura is a fully trained BSI Institute of Environmental Management Assessment Approved Lead Auditor and has held a long term interest in animal welfare issues. She is currently a member of the Boxer Breed Council health committee, and has taught Animal Care at higher level.

Mr Tony Foulston

Tony has been involved in dogs for in excess of 30 years. He previously owned and managed a breeding and boarding kennel, and was a Kennel Club Field Officer for breed, agility, obedience and heelwork to music for six years.  In partnership with his wife, he has shown dogs and bred champions and both have been judging since 1986.  He was one of the first volunteer Regional Breeder Assessors, now one of the full-time Assessors employed by the Kennel Club.

Mr Frank Geraghty

Frank served in the UK Police Service for 30 years. Latterly, he was involved in formulating and delivering specialist training. This gave him an insight into site inspection and assessment.  He has been involved in pedigree dogs for over 25 years in the working dog world. He owns, trains, breeds and works English Springer, Cocker and Clumber Spaniels as well as Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds.  He is a KC Field Trial Panel Judge and has successfully shown his dogs at Crufts in previous years.  He has also served as secretary and chairman of the London Cocker Spaniel Society Field Section, Spaniel Secretary for the Utility Gundog Society and is currently the chairman of the Working Minority Breeds Spaniel Club.  He is a member of several breed clubs and of the Kennel Club's ABS Sub-group.  He strongly believes in the adage "fit for life and fit for function".

Mrs Sherril Goodwin

Sherril was brought up in a family of dog lovers who had experience of owning various breeds spread across a variety of different groups.  She bred her first litter when she was 16 years of age and later became involved with gundogs and gundog training.  She has always had a terrier breed about her home.  Her interest in exhibiting began in 1987 and she ran a successful breeding, boarding and grooming business.   Sherril has bred a number of champions and is heavily involved with breed welfare.  She is a very experienced judge and currently awards CCs in seven terrier breeds.

Ms Margaret Kay

Margaret has bred Yorkshire Terriers for almost 30 years and undertook veterinary nurse training at Glasgow University School of Veterinary Medicine. She owns Labrador Retrievers, an English Springer Spaniel and Yorkshire Terriers and runs puppy socialisation classes, obedience classes and an agility summer school.  She is a strong advocate for dogs being 'fit for life' and has Yorkies which regularly swim in the sea and do agility.  Margaret is a member of the Yorkshire Terrier Club of Scotland and promotes the participation of 'pet owners' within the Club.  Margaret is also on the committee for Labrador Rescue in North Wales, a small charity rescuing and re-homing Labradors from all over, but the majority seem to be coming in from Eire owing to the puppy farming industry over there. 

Mr Bill Lambert

Kennel Club Health & Breeder Services Manager, Bill has been involved with dogs all his life and bred his first litter in 1982.  Although not a prolific breeder, he has owned and bred a number of champions including Best of Breed at Crufts on a number of occasions.  He is a championship show judge of Bull Terriers and Miniature Bull Terriers and has officiated in a number of countries around the world.  He is a former vice-chairman of the Bull Terrier Club, and was a committee member from 1984 to 2007.  Bill has a wide experience of both breeding and boarding kennels and was the first person employed by the Kennel Club to inspect breeders on its behalf.  Having had a long standing career in the service industry in a customer service role, his understanding of inspection processes and accreditation and certification has been instrumental in gaining UKAS accreditation for the ABS.

Mrs Jenn McMillan

Jenn has been an ABS member since February 2008 and was given UKAS certification in August 2013, something she is very proud of.  She loves all breeds of dog, with Pugs being her favourite, and will happily bore the pants off of anyone who shows the slightest bit of interest in her chosen breed!  She has successfully raised litters of both Lhasa Apso and Pug puppies and enjoys the whole breeding experience from start to finish.  Jenn thoroughly enjoys her role as an RBA - meeting lots of breeders has been a great experience, she says.

Mr Shaun Nield MBE

Shaun has been involved with dogs both professionally and socially for over 25 years.  Previously employed within the Police Service and latterly the Military, Shaun has now taken on a full-time position within the Kennel Club as the Breeder Assessment Manager, having been a volunteer assessor for three years previously. Shaun currently keeps Large Munsterlanders, working English Springer Spaniels and Bernese Mountain Dogs.  He occasionally breeds and shows his dogs and is active in outdoor activities, including horse riding.  Shaun has qualified as a Lead Assessor and attended the ISO 17065 Standard training through UKAS and was assessed in role by UKAS in 2014.

Mr Ernie Paterson

Ernie began showing in 1969 and has made up ten UK Dalmatian champions, mostly home bred.  He has also shown Bostons, French Bulldogs and latterly Cavaliers. He awards CCs in 26 breeds, including all the breeds in the utility group, and is also approved to judge Best in Show.  He has judged several times at Crufts including the utility group in 2009 and has judged extensively abroad, including USA, Canada, Australia and Scandinavia.  He is treasurer of a UK general championship show and is also a group steward at Crufts.  When not involved with dogs, Ernie enjoys travel, theatre and dining out.

Mrs Helen Reaney

Helen has owned Staffordshire Bull Terriers for over 25 years but grew up with Poodles and Border Collies.  She has bred and shown since 1994 and now awards CCs in Staffords.  She was secretary of a ringcraft club for 13 years and has worked on numerous societies since 1996.  She is currently the Notts & Derby District Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club secretary, SBT Breed Council Secretary for GB & NI and is the secretary of the Kennel Club Terrier Group Judges Development Programme.  Two of Helen's Staffords are Pets as Therapy Dogs who visit the elderly and disabled in hospitals and care homes.

Mrs Joanne Robinson

Joanne has owned dogs since 1978 and began showing on a regular basis in 1986.  She has exhibited Dobermanns, German Pinschers, Whippets and Brittanys.  She awards CCs in Brittanys.  She currently owns Brittanys and Whippets and has had litters in both breeds.  She obtained an HNC in Canine Behaviour and Training in 2004, having always had an interest in basic obedience and what makes a dog 'tick'.  She has been employed as an office manager since 2005 for a company providing health and safety advice, including risk assessments, and staff for security and events to councils and private and public companies.

Mr John Shaw

John owns and runs a boarding kennels and cattery.  He and his wife have bred Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, Lhasa Apsos and Pugs but are not actively breeding at present.  His kennels take in stray dogs for the local council and are involved in finding homes for those dogs which are not claimed.  He also runs the rescue service for the Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain.

Mr Joe Sutcliffe

Joe has always had a passion for dogs; his parents owned Whippets.  During his time in the Army, serving in The Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery, he became fully qualified in Equitation and taught new recruits how to ride.  He was also involved in Royal protection.  One of the highlights of his career was being able to get heavily involved with the only pack of Foxhounds left in the Army where he whipped in and helped work the hounds in the hunting field.  Moving from a volunteer RBA to a full-time member of KC staff was quite a smooth transition as he had gained the experience of the assessment process and knowledge of the vast number of dog breeds, coupled with a career of animal welfare and husbandry.

Miss Liz Wharton

Liz has been involved with dogs all her life and currently shows and breeds Wire Haired Dachshunds.  She has also owned English Springer Spaniels and Labradors, has experience of dog training, grooming and rescue work and is an active member of the ABS, regularly attending seminars.  In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the countryside, especially Dartmoor on horseback or with her dogs.  Liz spent over 30 years in the food industry in senior technical management roles.  She was responsible for both implementing and maintaining quality systems to comply with the requirements of various inspection bodies including BSI and UKAS, achieved through internal and external auditing, and liaison with customers, suppliers and enforcement bodies to ensure compliance. She now has a home-based role as a brand protection consultant working on behalf of many of the major food retailers.

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