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The Kennel Assured Breeder Scheme sets out standards for dog breeders and encourages responsible breeding.

The Kennel Club recognises that the buying and selling of a puppy is an important process and can appear complex to those who are unfamiliar with it. Breeding and rearing puppies successfully is reliant on the responsible actions of both the breeder and also the puppy buyer.

The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme is designed to encompass all the principles of what is considered to be "responsible breeding" and contain them in a scheme that is easy for both breeders and puppy buyers to understand. These principles include (but are not limited to):

  • Ensuring that all animals including puppies are kept and reared in good conditions. This includes allowing prospective puppy buyers to see a puppy with its mother, and any litter mates at the place the puppy was born and reared.
  • Taking all reasonable steps to breed happy, healthy dogs that are "fit for function". This includes making use of all relevant Kennel Club Health screening schemes including DNA testing for a number of inherited diseases, Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, and those for inherited eye disease. A current list of breed specific health schemes is available here.
  • Ensuring that written advice is provided on the following:

             a. Tendencies or potential traits in the breed and/or puppy

             b. Socialisation, exercise and training

             c. Feeding

             d. Worming and immunisation programmes

             e. Grooming

  • Providing new puppy owners with a reasonable after sales service offering support and advice where possible, endeavour to deal with any issues that may arise in good faith and advise the puppy buyer of other steps open should a resolution not be possible
  • Providing all relevant information at the time of sale including the registration certificate (or if not available at the time of sale, as soon as possible). This should include details of any breeding restrictions or endorsements that might pertain, and the receipt of written and signed conformation from the new owner at or before the date on which the dog is physically transferred, that the new owner is aware of the restriction or endorsement. This is regardless of whether or not the registration certificate is available.
  • Assisting with the rehoming of a puppy, should it be necessary, throughout its lifetime
  • Ensuring that the parents of each litter are readily identifiable by either Microchip, Tattoo or DNA profile. (NB at some stage all breeding stock owned or offered at stud, will be required to be both Micochipped and DNA profiled)
  • Adhering to all Kennel Club rules and regulations particularly those which relate to the minimum and maximum ages for breeding and the frequency of litters
  • Providing a contract of sale and of stud service arrangement, setting out the terms and ensure that both parties have a copy.
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