Previous Working Trials Championship Winners


2015 Championships 

Leamington Dog Training Club
Sponsored by The Kennel Club & Arden Grange 

Dates: 16 - 18 October 2015
Venue: Kennel Club Stoneleigh Building, Near Coventry Warwickshire CV8 2LZ
Judges: Tracking Dog Stake -  Mr F L Campbell and Patrol Dog Stake -   Mrs M Rogerson 

2015 Results

Tracking Dog Stakes - Judged by Lol Campbell

1st Tony Lockyer with WT CH Lawinick Come 'N' Get It At Hartshill CDex - TDex, 208 Q
2nd Gary Atkins with WT CH Glenalpine Pete CDex - TDex, 204½ Q
3rd Dave Olley with WT CH Little Raymond CDex - TDex, PDex, 204½ Q
4th Tony Lockyer with WT CH Triple Top At Hartshill CDex - TDex, 199½ Q
Also qualifying
Barry Gilbert with WT CH Glenalpine Cosworth CDex - TDex, 196½ Q
Mike Williams with Tadmarton Eleanor CDex - TDex, 191½ Q

Patrol Dog Stakes - Judged by Moira Rogerson

1st Alan Bexon with WT CH Fly By Night Lad CDex - TDex, PDex, 293 Q
2nd Dave Olley with WT CH Little Raymond CDex - TDex, PDex, 289½ Q
3rd Diane Ling with WT CH Deben Little Tom CDex - TDex, PDex, 263 NQ
4th Manda McLellan with WT CH Little Tiger CDex - PDex, 237½ NQ

Judge Francis Lawrence Campbell reports from Kennel Club Working Trial Championships - Tracking Dog Stake   

Judge Moira Rogerson reports from Kennel Club Working Trials Championships - Patrol Dog Stake 

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