Working Trial Championships

Working Trial Championships 2016- ©Nick Dallimore

2016 Championships

The Working Trial Championships which is kindly hosted by Iceni Dog Training club was held on the 20- 22 October 2016.

Judge for the PD Stake is John Wykes and TD Stake is Sheila Tannert.

Tracking Dog Stakes- Sheila Tannert

1st Barry Gilbert with WT Ch Glenalpine Cosworth 207 Q
2nd Gary Atkins with WT Ch Glenalpine Pete 205.5 Q
3rd Julie Atkins with Glenalpine Peg CDEx TDEx 196.5Q  
4th Diane Ling with WT Ch Debden Little Tom 194.5Q

Patrol Dog Stakes- John Wykes 

1st  – Alan Bexon with WT CH Fly By Night Lad TDex, PDex, 294 Q
2nd - Emma Baker with Jesszaks Ricochet Rik TDex, PDex, 283 Q
3rd – Dave Olley with WT CH Little Raymond TDex, PDex, 252 PD only
4th – Wendy Beasley with WT CH Stardell Lunar TDex, PDex, 263.5 NQ
5th – Manda McLellan with WT CH Little Tiger TDex, PDex, 239.5 NQ

The Nosework base was held at Pete Tye Farm, Peldon Road, Colchester, CO5 7PE and the Control, Agility and Patrol Base was held at Stratford Hills Equine Centre, Ipswich Road, Stratford St Mary, Colchester, CO7 6PA.

Judge Sheila Tannert reports from the Kennel Club Working Trials Championships- Tracking Dog Stake

Judge John Wykes reports from the Kennel Club Working Trials Championships- Patrol Dog Stake

More Information

The Kennel Club sponsors the annual Kennel Club Working Trials Championships, hosted by a different Working Trials society each year. The Championships are the most prestigious of Working Trials events, featuring the most successful dogs from trials in the previous 12 months, and are the equivalent of the Obedience and Agility Championships held each year at Crufts (the need for large tracts of suitable land makes it impractical to stage the Working Trials Championships at Crufts itself).

The Championships, usually held in the third weekend of October, are restricted to the two top level stakes, Tracking Dog (TD) and Patrol Dog (PD). Competitors are invited to take part if they have won first place in a Championship TD or PD stake with an 'Excellent' qualification during the previous qualifying year, from September to August. Dogs which have qualified in both stakes can compete in both PD and in TD. The previous year's Championship winners are also automatically invited provided they qualified Excellent at the previous year's Championship.

Judges for the Championships are nominated by the  Working Trials Liaison Council and selected following a ballot of representatives on the Council, subject to approval by the Activities Sub-Committee and the General Committee.

The Championships are usually staged with a view to allowing some opportunity for spectators to observe the dogs working, even in the nosework rounds, and they offer an opportunity to appreciate some of the best handlers and dogs at work in this demanding discipline.

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