Excellent Awards in Heelwork to Music and how to claim them

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To gain a Heelwork to Music Excellent Award the dog must have attained the following:

Starters           14 points in Starters including at least one first place

Novice            16 points in Novice including at least one first place

Intermediate   20 points in Intermediate including at least one first place

Advanced       24 points in Advanced including at least one first place

The following points are awarded in all Kennel Club standard classes:

First place                  10 points

Second place               6 points

Third place                  4 points

Fourth place               2 points

The following excellent awards can be obtained:

Heelwork to Music:     HTM St Ex, HTM N Ex, HTM I Ex, HTM A Ex.

Freestyle:                   FS St Ex, FS N Ex, FS I Ex, FS A Ex.

Excellent Awards can be applied for using points accrued since 1st January 2007, the date at which the points progression and Excellent Awards came into effect.

Competitors wishing to claim the award should send a copy of their HTM Record Book to the Awards Department at the Kennel Club with a letter of application. However, it is recommended that a copy be retained. 

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