World Championship for Pointing Dogs and the St. Hubertus Cup

Team GB 2015

The World Championship for Pointing Dogs and the St. Hubertus Cup will be held in North Jutland, Denmark on 22-24 October 2016 organised by the Danish Kennel Club.

Team GB Selection 2016

The Kennel Club sent a representative team for the first time in 2015 to the Championships in Serbia and intends to send teams of both British and Continental Pointers to Denmark in 2016.

A selection day will be held at the Abbeystead Estate, Lancashire on 2 April 2016 and is open to all those who wish to be considered for the team.                                     

Download the Selection Day schedule here.

Organisation of the World Championships

The organisation the World Championships and the St Hubertus is usually the responsibility of the host country's Kennel Club under the FCI Rules which govern the event. The Danish Kennel Club is hosting the 2016 event and more can be found on their website here.

The World Championship is composed of a number of countries each with a team of British Pointers and/or a team of Continental Pointers with between 2-4 dogs in each team. Each dog must have a studbook number issued an FCI member organisation or partner. The Championship is run over two days and a dog must have run on both days in order to be eligible for an award.

Dogs are run in braces (as a pair) and the running order is drawn by ballot on the evening prior to the day of the trial. The brace pairs are run for a 15 minutes under the judges who will assess the dogs' work and award points according to the quality of the hunting, pointing and retrieving. A water retrieve must also be demonstrated in order to be eligible for an award.

The Rules for the World Championship can be found in the FCI regulations for Field Trials which can be downloaded here.

The St Hubertus Cup

Dogs are run singly with their handler and are judged on their relationship with the dog, the training of the dog, their shooting skill and understanding of gun safety, their understanding and ability to hunt the ground respectfully and thoroughly, their choice of cartridges and handling of the shotgun. Pointing Dogs and Spaniels can be entered into the competition, during the course of the 20 minute run, the handler may shoot two game species which must be retrieved tenderly to hand. A dog is expected to remain steady to flush and shot and a pointing dog is required to point game before it can receive an award. All dogs must also complete a water retrieve to be eligible for an award.

The Rules can be downloaded here.

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