Routledge Rank, Hanyle and Gavosie Annual Trophies


The Routledge Rank Trophy

The Routledge Rank Trophy is awarded to the owner of the Retriever which has gained the most points in a season.  

Points are awarded according to the following table:


2 Day Stake

24 Dogs

1 Day Stake

12 Dogs

1st 6 4 3
2nd 3 2 1
3rd 1 1 -

The Routledge Rank Trophy is named for Vincent Routledge, a prominent trialler and Lord Rank, better known as J Arthur Rank, founder of the Rank Film Organisation who maintained a large gundog kennel on the Scotney Estate.

How to claim

Download the claim form here.

The Hanyle Trophy

The Hanlye Trophy is awarded to the breeder of the winner of the Routledge Rank Cup. It was presented by Brig. Thomas Fairfax-Ross in memory of his wife, Felicite.

The Gavosie Trophy

The Gavosie Trophy is awarded to the female handler accruing the most points at Field Trials during a season and can be awarded in any of the sub-groups of Retrievers, Spaniels, Pointers and Setters and HPR.

Points can be claimed using the following table:

Championship Open All Aged
1st 20 15 10 5
2nd 19 14 9 4
3rd 18 13 8 3
4th 17 12 7 2
COM 16 11 6 1

The Gavosie Trophy was presented to the Kennel Club by Graham Evans of the Gavosie Kennel.

To view previous winners, click here.

How to Claim

To claim, please download and complete the claim form which can be downloaded here.

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