Cocker Spaniel Championship


The 2014/15 Cocker Spaniel Championship will be held at Harvington Shoot, Byrds Retreat, Worcestershire on 14th & 15th of January 2015  by kind permission of Mr R & Mrs S Byrd.

Judges: Mr Peter Jones (1981), Mr David Lisett (2581), Nick Gregory (3007) and Stuart Morgan (2725)

2015 Cocker Spaniel Championship Schedule

2015 Cocker Spaniel Championship Entry Form

Please be aware that parking at the ground is restricted.

Championship Dinner

The Championship Dinner will be held on Wednesday 14 January 2015 at the Headquarters Hotel, Salford Hall. Please contact the hotel directly to book on 01386 871 300. 

Championship Dinner Menu

Photography & Filming at the Championship

The official photographer at the Championship will be Andy Biggar:

Video filming during the championship in the line or forward galleries will be carried out by the approved film company only - Paul French International Video.


For information about press accreditation - click here.

General Enquiries 

For more information about the Cocker Spaniel Championship, please contact the Kennel Club on 020 7518 1059 or email

The Championship is sponsored by Eukanuba

Results of the 2013 / 2014 Cocker Spaniel Championship:

1st:  Mr N Partiss' (Bitch) FTCh Brook Furlong of Tiptopjack - Handler: Mr I Openshaw
2nd: Mr I English's (Bitch) Broadmeafarm Beau                 
3rd: Mr W Clulee's (Bitch) FTCh Rowston Snooty                              
4th: Mr I Openshaw's (Bitch) FTCh Tiptopjack Sixpence - Handler: Mrs W Openshaw

Diplomas of Merit

Mr H Kirby's (Dog) Chyknell Eagle - Handler: Mr C Colclough
Mr N Gregory's (Bitch) FTCh Tudorbriar Moonstar
Miss K Ward's (Bitch) Glenugie's Heather of Murrayeden - Handler: Mr A Skinner
Mr R Preest's (Bitch) FTCh Centrewalk Moonshell
Mr N Thomas' (Bitch) FTCh Jess of Misty Valley
Mr R D James' (Dog) Rowston Spikey Aderyngi
Mr B Randall's (Bitch) FTCh Heolybwlch Fatty
Mr N Partiss' (Bitch) Mallowdale Music of Tiptopjack - Handler: Mr I Openshaw
Mr O Phillips' (Bitch) FTCh Voodoo Black Widow - Handler: Mr N Gregory
Mr N Partiss' (Bitch) FTCh Winhocklin Single Star of Tiptopjack - Handler: Mr I Openshaw
Mr & Mrs J Atkinson's (Bitch) Naxshivan's Honesty - Handler: Mr J Atkinson
Mr J M Davies (Bitch) FTCh Nantsannan Calpurnia of Dolbrenin
Mr I Openshaw's (Bitch) Chyknell Dove - Handler: Mrs W Openshaw

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