Vulnerable Breeds Competition


January 1st 2016 saw the return of the Kennel Club 'Vulnerable British and Irish Breeds Competition'. Back again for the Crufts 2017 Final, the competition sponsored by Eukanuba and supported by the competition's Media Partner 'Our Dogs', is the only one of its kind established by the Kennel Club.

The competition is continuing to help raise awareness of our rare native breeds and recognise those dedicated to ensuring their continued survival.

The Competition runs from January 2016 with a Crufts grand final in 2017. The main features are:

  1. The competition is open to all Vulnerable Breeds competing at Open & Championship shows;
  2. Points can be claimed by winning Best of Breed/Best Any Variety Not Separately Classified (AVNSC) and at Championship shows also Group placings;
  3. The aim of the competition is for dogs to collect the highest number of points for their breed in a calendar year. At the end of the year the top scoring dog from each breed will be invited to compete at the competition's Crufts Final;
  4. Receive the latest competition news and to track your success on the leader board on the Our Dogs website.

Getting Involved

If you think you would like to take part in this exciting competition, download and complete the Point Tracker and Claim Form which can be accessed below:

For more information about the competition, email:

The competition is sponsored by:

The competition's media partner is:

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Vulnerable Breeds Competition Claim Form
Vulnerable Breeds Competition Tracker Form
Vulnerable Breeds Competition FAQs

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