Types of dog shows

Types of Dog Shows

There are a number of categories and grades of dog shows, and the jargon that is used to describe them can be somewhat bewildering for anyone new to dog showing.

Companion Dog Shows

Companion Dog Shows are fundraising events held throughout the year and the shows are mostly organised in conjunction with fetes, charity open days or similar events to raise money for charitable causes. The shows are very relaxed fun dog shows, so they are ideal for people who are new on the show scene. They offer the opportunity to practice your teamwork and confidence with your dog in the show ring. On arrival at the show, visit the entries table where you can select the classes you would like to enter. If you need help with making your entry or deciding which classes to enter then just ask, as the people organising the show will be more than happy to help you.

Single Breed Shows

As the name suggests, Single Breed Shows have classes for just one breed of dog and are organised by a Breed Club. Such shows are likely to attract breed specialists who may have been involved in the breeding and showing of a particular breed for many years and, as such, can provide you with an ideal opportunity to really learn about your breed from the experts.

Open Shows

Some people prefer to start out on their show career by entering general Open Shows that schedule classes for many different breeds of dog. These shows are run by general canine societies and are a good testing ground for new exhibitors. There are many more general canine societies than there are breed clubs, and as a result there are always plenty of these shows held every year. These shows are very popular and can attract many hundreds of competitors. At some of them you can also qualify for Crufts. For a list of Open Shows in your area email the Canine Activities Team.

Championship Shows

These are the most prestigious shows where you may be able to qualify your dog to be shown at Crufts, and where Kennel Club Challenge Certificates (also known as CCs, or tickets) are on offer. It is worthwhile noting, the organisers will allocate a bench and it is therefore advisable to find your bench when arriving at the show which will be close to your show ring.

Challenge Certificates are the very highest award a dog can gain and they are awarded if, in the judge's opinion, the dog is of the quality to become a Champion. If a dog wins three Challenge Certificates under three separate judges, it is entitled to be known as a Champion, or in the case of a Gundog or a Border Collie, a Show Champion.

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