Specimen schedules, entry forms & catalogues


Schedules & Entry Forms

All schedules and entry forms must conform to the Kennel Club Specimen Schedules (SS) which can be downloaded in this section. Please select the SS relevant to the type of show your club or society wishes to hold.

Special Award Classes

Increasingly societies are scheduling Special Award Classes to add an extra dimension to their shows. To help you the Kennel Club has prepared FAQs on all aspects of scheduling these classes where are available to download here.

Submission of Schedules to the Kennel Club

Championship Shows

Two copies of the Show Schedule must be sent to the Kennel Club once published, received no later than 3 months prior to the show date.

Open & Limited Shows

Two copies of the Show Schedule must be with the Kennel Club 1 month prior to the show date.


All marked catalogues should be submitted to the Kennel Club within 14 days of the show.  

Additional Class Fee and Entry Analysis Form

This form, together with the marked catalogue and the additional class fee (if applicable), must be forwarded to the Canine Activities Department within 14 days of the Show by General Canine Societies (including Group Societies) and Affiliated Societies. The form can be downloaded here.


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