Kennel Club & FCI mutual recognition of Judges


Proposed framework for mutual recognition of FCI and Kennel Club judges

It is recognised that there is merit in considering the establishment of a framework for the mutual recognition of UK based championship show judges and FCI International Judges.

The perceived benefit in so doing is that UK championship show organisers will have increased opportunities to invite FCI International Judges to officiate at their shows without providing the detailed information as required at present.

It is also hoped that there will be opportunities for greater numbers of UK judges to become recognised as internationally approved judges and therefore eligible to be invited to judge at shows held under FCI regulations.

A mutual recognition process based on training and education requirements and the length of time elapsing and number of shows judged since successful completion of the relevant education/training requirements for single and multi-breed judges, group judges and best in show judges is proposed.

Breed Judges

FCI International, as distinct from National, Judges who have judged a breed for at least 5 years in countries in addition to their country of residence will be eligible for automatic approval to judge the same breed for the first time at UK breed club and/or group/general championship shows.

All are subject to confirmation of their international status by the governing body in their country of residence. Judges so approved will be subject to evaluation, in exactly the same way as applied to UK domestic judges, at their first appointment for each breed they judge in the UK. Confirmation of subsequent appointments will be subject to the outcome of the evaluation at the first appointment.

The FCI will be asked to maintain the existing process of reciprocity, on a per breed basis, for recognition of UK approved judges who have already awarded challenge certificates to a breed on at least one occasion to award CACIBs in the breeds they are approved to award CCs in the UK. These UK judges are subject to evaluation from the FCI before confirmation of any subsequent appointment.

It is proposed that UK judges who have been approved to award Challenge Certificates in a breed under the Kennel Club's A2 list procedure but have yet to carry out their first appointment for that breed be considered eligible to award CACs to the same breed in any FCI member country providing they meet the criteria of the inviting national kennel club. In addition the FCI may approve judges on a KC Breed Club A2 list to award CACs in that breed subject to the individual meeting Kennel Club criteria and receiving KC approval.

Group Judges

It is proposed to apply the same criteria to FCI International Judges as are currently applied to UK domestic judges. Thus any FCI approved judge who has not previously been approved to judge a group in the UK will not be eligible for approval to do so until they have awarded CCs to a minimum of four unconnected breeds (three unconnected breeds in the case of the working group) in the relevant group at UK shows. 

Existing FCI Group Judges will be eligible to be approved to judge equivalent groups in the UK provided they have experience of judging at least 50% of the relevant breeds. Once approved to judge a group, approval for further breeds within that same group will be on a per breed basis in order to maintain parity with UK domestic judges. 

FCI International and UK Judges who have been previously approved to judge groups at UK/FCI shows will retain their status and will be eligible for approval to judge the same groups without further qualification in the future. UK judges will only be eligible to judge FCI groups if they have awarded CCs to a minimum of 50% of the KC registered breeds in the respective group.

To accommodate the difference in group categorisations between FCI and KC we would propose the following eligibility criteria for KC judges to judge groups 4, 6 and 10:

  • Group 4 - to have awarded CCs to at least 3 varieties and in at least 2 sizes
  • Group 6 - qualified to judge all the Hound breeds recognised for CCs by the KC and present in FCI group 6
  • Group 10 - qualified to judge at least 6 breeds
  • FCI judges wishing to judge the Hound group in the UK would need to be approved for groups 4, 6 and 10 by the FCI.

All Breed Judges

There is currently no official UK counterpart to the FCI designation of "All Breed Judge" and there is currently only one UK resident judge who has awarded CCs to every eligible breed. In the UK this status is achieved on a per breed basis and under the above proposals for mutual recognition of breed judges it should be possible for FCI International Judges to achieve the same status in the UK subject to receiving invitations to judge a sufficient number of breeds.

Best in Show Judges

We propose equal rights for UK and FCI judges currently approved to award BIS in both KC and FCI countries.

FCI International Judges who have not yet been approved to judge Best in Show at UK general championship shows will be subject to the same criteria that are currently applied to UK resident judges.  Alternatively FCI judges may qualify by judging at least 4 FCI groups.

Existing FCI International and UK Judges who have previously awarded Best in Show at UK/FCI championship shows respectively will retain their status and be eligible for approval for subsequent appointments irrespective of the number of groups or breeds with CCs judged.

Every judge invited will declare that they are approved to judge the breeds stated.  They will also declare that they know and respect the regulations and breed standards of the country in which they have been invited to judge.

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