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The Kennel Club is responsible for the approval of Championship Show Judges, of which there are in excess of 10,000 approved in the UK.

The Judges Sub-Committee (JSC) processes some 300 appointments for judges every six weeks to award Challenge Certificates (CCs) at championship Shows.  The Kennel Club holds a database of judges who have been previously approved for the breed(s) listed. Each and every appointment for a judge to award Challenge Certificates is subject to Kennel Club approval therefore, each judging appointment is for one occasion only. To find a judge by name or by breed use the Find a Judge Tool here.

Each first time CC appointment is subject to an evaluation, the results of which are also considered by the JSC, as are applications for inclusion on a breed club's A2 judges list.

As part of a determined drive to improve quality and standards in all dog activities the Kennel Club has now developed a Code of Best Practice for Judges which can be downloaded here.

The Kennel Club liaises with overseas Kennel Clubs with regard to the eligibility of UK judges to judge abroad and in considering overseas judges' nominations to judge to CC level in Britain.

For those clubs wishing to invite a judge from outside the UK a Best Practice Document has been produced which covers judging contracts, appropriate briefing of the judge, what documents should be sent to the judge in advance and other advice. It can be downloaded here.

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