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Breeders Competition Crufts 2013

Have you bred three or more dogs of the same breed? Do you want to be amongst the very Best of British breeders at Crufts next year? If so, the Kennel Club Breeders' Competition, supported by Our Dogs, is the perfect chance to show off your breeding stock.

Launched on January 15th 2009 the prestigious Breeders' Competition gives breeders the opportunity to showcase their skill and knowledge as a breeder. The Competition is open to all scheduled breeds and AVNSC at every Championship Show, with or without CCs. Entries are taken on the day and it is free to enter. The best of the best will star in a grand final to be staged at Crufts.

How to enter the Breeders' Competition

To be eligible to take part all you need is three or four dogs bred by you, present and exhibited at that show.

All you need to take part is a Breeders' Competition Record Book. These are available either from the Kennel Club's Online Shop or by contacting the Publications Department at the Kennel Club 01296 318540 ext. 278, or by obtaining one from the Kennel Club Roadshow stand which attends many shows throughout the year. Each Record book is priced at £1.50 each. Full instructions on how to enter the competition, and what information needs to be completed, are detailed in the Record Book. It is the breeder's responsibility to keep up the Record Book up to date and accurate.


All dogs to be bred by the same breeder, or breeder partnership. No combination of different breeders is permitted. Please use a separate Record Book for each breeder or partnership, and for each breed of dog.


Each team consists of three or four dogs. New combinations of dogs are allowed from show to show, at the discretion of the breeder. A breeder or his/her delegated representative may enter more than one team at each show.

Group Competitions

A dog beaten in competition for Best Breeder in Breed Award or Best Breeder in AVNSC classes is not considered to be a beaten dog for further competition at the show. If one of the dogs in the team has been awarded Best of Breed, and there is a time constraint at the show, the exhibitor can choose whether or not to wait for the Best Breeder in Group competition, or to go in the "main" Group competition.

For further information please either download the Guide or contact

Our Dogs Leader Board

Competitors taking part in the Kennel Club Breeders' Competition are required to register their points totals on the competition leader board at the Our Dogs stand at General Championship Shows. Further details here The leader board is now a regular monthly feature in Our Dogs, publishing those Breeders taking part and the number of points they have gained towards qualifying for the Crufts Final.

What else do I need to know?

Competition scheduled at all Championship shows for every breed, with or without CCs (Breed Club, Sub Group, Group and General Championship Shows included)

Numerically smaller breeds need not miss out on the chance to enter the competition at General & Group Championship Shows. A Best Breeder in Any Variety Not Separately Classified (AVNSC) Classes was introduced for 2010.

Entries can be made on the day of competition.

Breeders become eligible to enter by having bred three or four dogs being present and exhibited at that show.

At General & Group Championship Shows the Competition is judged immediately after awarding Best of Breed/AVNSC and Best Puppy in Breed/AVNSC. Single breed Championship shows may, if they prefer, schedule the competition at lunchtime, or any other convenient break in judging.

Best Breeder in Breed and Best Breeder in AVNSC classes goes through to a Best Breeder in Group Award.

A cumulative points system will be applied to all wins:

Best Breeder in Breed/AVNSC Classes - 3 Points
2nd place Breeder in Breed/AVNSC Classes - 2 points
3rd place Breeder in Breed/AVNSC Classes - 1 point
Best Breeder in Group - 4 points
2nd place Breeder in Group - 3 points
3rd place Breeder in Group - 2 Points
4th place Breeder in Group - 1 point

Breeders amass points throughout the calendar year based on how well their teams have performed.

The top 50 Breeders who have a minimum of 25 points over a calendar year will qualify for the Crufts Final in the following year. At the end of the competition year in question, Breeders should forward a copy of their record books to the Kennel Club Canine Activities Department which will advise whether they have qualified for the Crufts Final. This Competition is a fantastic opportunity for owners, breeders and handlers to all come together in support of their team.

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