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Companion Dog Shows

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The Companion Dog Show is the formal name by which charity dog shows licensed by the Kennel Club are known.

They are fun, informal events that all dogs can take part in and are usually held as part of a village fete, charity open day or as a fundraising event in their own right. Quite simply they are great days out for the whole family - including your dog! If you want to find out more please follow the link on this page Taking Part in a Companion Dog Show.

Note: Companion Dog Shows used to be known as Exemption Dog Shows (as they were exempt from normal competition rules) and some people still refer them as such.

Companion Dog Club

Many Companion Dog Shows can include special classes for Companion Dog Club members. This Club is for ALL dogs. Go to Companion Dog Club Classes for more information.

Latest listings of Companion Dog Shows (with Companion Dog Club Classes)

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Holding a Companion Dog Show: What You Need to Know
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Companion Dog Shows

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